00. The Dirty Shirts e1604962922123

Five Minutes With Dallas Rock Band “The Dirty Shirts”

by Leean Vargas on November 11, 2020

Cameron Moreland and Nick Santa Maria met as kids doing volunteer work in Mississippi. Little did they know that fateful meeting would turn into a lifelong friendship that would shape them not only as friends,...

00. The Barrens Cover 2 e1603132326234

#MusicMonday: For The Barrens, All Roads Lead to Austin

by Gracie Watt on October 19, 2020

Playing country covers for weddings and farmer’s markets across San Antonio, vocalist Jordan Gibbons and guitarist Dana Smith decided it was time to showcase their songwriting and create original music. So in 2018, the duo...

Five Minutes With the North Texas E-Flat Porch Band

by Bob Valleau on April 9, 2020

In today’s stress-filled times, what’s not to like about music billed as “angst-free?” We sat down, pre pandemic, to get the backstory from this McKinney-based two-man acoustic blues band. The self-deprecating duo of Duane Brown...

The Jungle Giants Make their Triumphant Return to U.S. with World Tour 2020

by Leean Vargas on February 11, 2020

Make space Texas, ‘cause Australian band The Jungle Giants is coming! Texans are in for electric performances this weekend when the visitors from down under make their triumphant return to Dallas (Club Dada, 2/15) and...