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#FoodieFriday: Whiskey and War Stories

by Adam Zoblotsky on October 11, 2019

I’ll take it neat. If you’re not a bourbon whiskey drinker and need a good (actually, excellent) reason to give it a try, you might want to try Horse Soldier. But before you do, let...

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#FoodieFriday: Basil Hayden’s Flavorful Bourbon Twist for Holiday Gatherings

by Britni Rachal on December 14, 2018

A simple, yet elegant alternative to wine. That’s what Basil Hayden’s Bourbon wants to remind holiday hosts about as family and friends gather around tables together this holiday season. With a spicy rye, yet sweetly...

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#FoodieFriday: A Tasty Return to Ben Milam Distillery

by Eve Richter Dinnan on November 30, 2018

If you read my review of Ben Milam Whiskey in Blanco, Texas a year or so ago, you may remember that I simply raved about it. So, as you can imagine, I was more than...