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Five Minutes With Nickelodeon’s Newest TV Celeb, Texas Teen Star Bryce Gheisar

by Bob Valleau on November 16, 2020

Bryce Gheisar gave up his dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast and traded it for an acting career. So far, it’s paid off. And some. Gheisar is now co-starring in two Nickelodeon TV series (“The...

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Five Minutes With Texan Actor Cody Linley

by Bob Valleau on November 12, 2020

Cody Linley is perhaps best known for his role as Jake Ryan (Miley Cyrus' boyfriend) on the Disney Channel's hit TV series "Hannah Montana." However, now 30, in addition to “Hannah Montana,” Linley has many...

Texan Couples Together in Business: Kim and Mike Barnes

by Leean Vargas on June 4, 2020

This dynamic duo knows how to make a great impression on camera or in front of a room! Hard as it is to believe, Austin-based Kim and Mike Barnes have each spent 30 years on...

Five Minutes With Paulet Del Castillo, Co-star, ABC’s New Sitcom “Mixed-ish”

by Bob Valleau on December 5, 2019

Paulet Del Castillo, a North Texas high school freshman, appears in ABC’s new sitcom “Mixed-ish” and is excited about her role.  “Mixed-ish” is based on the story of Rainbow Johnson, who recounts her experience growing...

Five Minutes With Dave Ward, Longtime Houston News Anchor

by Leona Barr on June 27, 2019

Dave Ward once held the Guinness World Records title as the longest-running local TV news anchor at the same TV station in a major market. Ward, known to many as “the most trusted voice in...