Majestic and Whimsical: Into the Woods is Playing at Austin’s ZACH Theatre

by Britni Rachal on October 27, 2021

Innovative, creative and captivating. Theatre is back at ZACH and with an outdoor twist and an immersive experience that places audience members right in the middle of all the dramatic action. In its first musical...

Live Music: Songs Under the Stars at Austin’s ZACH Theatre

by Britni Rachal on April 14, 2021

With an intriguing variety of musical performances, Austin’s innovative and award-winning ZACH Theatre is back in action Now through May 9, Songs Under the Stars is back for a spring season. The socially distant series...

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‘Every Brilliant Thing’ at Austin’s ZACH, Reminds Us to Enjoy the Little Things in Life

by Gracie Watt on March 2, 2020

“Ice cream.” “Water fights.” “Roller coasters.” These are a few of the brilliant things that audience members are prompted to call out during this engaging performance. Update, Mar 13, 2020: In light of recommendations concerning...

00 ZACH Janis 2020L24 1094649 PhotoCredit KirkTuck e1581967146764

A Night with Janis Joplin at Austin’s ZACH Theatre

by Britni Rachal on February 20, 2020

Exploding energy with a twist of blues and rock. The sounds of the queen of rock ‘n’ roll are gracing the stage at ZACH Theatre now through March 8. Tony-nominated Mary Bridget Davies brings the...

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“Holiday Heroes,” ZACH Theatre’s Family Musical

by Lisa Davis on December 3, 2019

“Holiday Heroes” enables kids of all ages to celebrate the differences in the world around them. There’s nothing like a ZACH Theatre holiday musical to usher in the start of the Christmas season. This 45-minute...

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Texas Essentials: J. Robert Moore, Actor, Director & “Golden Girls” Fan 

by Lisa Davis on November 26, 2019

J. Robert Moore says, “If I wasn’t acting, and I didn’t work in the theater at all, I would probably---be very sad and gloomy somewhere.” As a result of being called “so dramatic” by his...

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Steven Dietz’s “Dracula” Takes a Feminist Bite at ZACH Theatre 

by Lisa Davis on October 9, 2019

Arriving in time for the Halloween season, Steven Dietz’s “Dracula” is a 21st century spin on an old, wickedly seductive tale, playing at Austin’s ZACH Theatre. The Dracula-esque atmosphere begins in the eerily transformed lobby of...

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Hilarious and Historic, “Ann” Draws Crowds to ZACH Theatre

by Britni Rachal on August 7, 2019

“Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” Motivating, uplifting, powerful, comical and with several thought-provoking underlying messages – that’s ZACH Theatre’s latest production of Holland Taylor’s...