What Kind of Traveler Are You? Take This Quick Quiz

by Kinsley Fischer on May 10, 2018 in Travel,
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Blue ocean and white, sandy beaches. Tall oak trees and campfire s’mores. Champagne and relaxing spa resorts. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a month of travel, all lead to adventure and experience. Travelers, adventurers and go-getters are a rare breed. In a world full of experience, only few discover it.

You enjoy traveling. You love new places to see and new cultures to encounter. You live for wide, open spaces and long, desert roads. Sipping on champagne with your best pals for a spa weekend getaway. Wherever you may travel, soak it in, make memories, and do it all over again.

Want to know what kind of traveler you are? Take the Texas Lifestyle Magazine quiz and you will soon find out. Whether you plan out your entire trip down to the last day or you go with the flow of the town you are in. Whether you enjoy blazing and hiking new trails or spending a day sunbathing on a beach. Whatever it may be and whatever you may do, there is a name for it. Take the quiz and find out. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me somewhere down in Mexico, enjoying the beaches and the culture, the perfect location for a globetrotter.

Cover: Reserva Conchal Beach Resort, Golf & Spa in Costa Rica | Courtesy photo