The Fleet Feet Difference: Steps Ahead of the Rest

by Analise Flatt on January 25, 2021

There’s no better time than a new year to begin your healthy living reboot.  In a COVID-plagued society, though, it can be difficult to find safe workout environments, which makes running an ideal physical activity....

Five Minutes With Skateboarding Olympian Hopeful Kendra Long of Vidor, Texas

by Bob Valleau on January 14, 2021

Kendra Long’s interest in skateboarding was more of a fluke than a planned event. Long was jealous of her younger brother receiving a skateboard, so she took it for herself. What happened after that will...

Texas Essentials: Houston’s Debra Myers, Creator of Enfusia and Muscle Rehab

by Gracie Watt on January 11, 2021

If your New Year's resolutions include staying healthy and relaxed, then Debra Myers is here to help! As the Houston-based CEO and founder of companies Enfusia and Muscle Rehab, which create health and relaxation products...

The 8-Minute HIIT Challenge: Total Body

by Brook Benten Jimenez on January 6, 2021

High Intensity Interval Training is the most bang you can get for minimal time spent exercising. This workout is great for improving speed, agility, and quickness for athletes, but it’s also great as a metabolism-boosting...

The 8-Minute Workout Challenge: Butts

by Brook Benten Jimenez on December 3, 2020

Buns are the new abs.  They’re hot and we all want them. Apparel makers compete for the crowning achievement of the pants that make your butt look best, and they charge a triple-digit figure that...

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The 8-Minute Workout Circuit: Chest and Back

by Brook Benten Jimenez on November 5, 2020

Most of us find that our posture could stand a tune-up. Two major muscle groups that seriously affect your posture are your pecs (aka chest) and back. These 6 exercises repeated through two circuits will...

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The Total Body Move You Never Knew You Were Doing Wrong (Yes, Burpees!)

by Brook Benten Jimenez on September 9, 2020

You’ve seen the meme “I love burpees… Said no one ever.” Well, part of why people dread the burpee so much is that it is total body taxing. That is, you think it is.  When...

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The Abs Exercise You Never Knew You Were Doing Wrong

by Brook Benten Jimenez on August 26, 2020

When it comes to abdominal exercises, if somebody told you jabbing your vertebrae into the hard ground and straining your neck may give you a six-pack, would you do it?   Somebody did tell you that....

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Five Minutes With Josh Merwin, Founder of the Houston International Sports Film Festival

by Gabi De la Rosa on August 11, 2020

Houston native Josh Merwin has loved sports since he was a young child. As he grew up, Merwin channeled his love for sports through his career as a sports photographer and filmmaker for several media...