Hot Real Estate, Cool Houston Tour

by Julie Tereshchuk on May 17, 2021

What’s the secret to seeing a ton of fabulous Houston real estate on one day? Simple — just take the Modern Architecture + Design Society’s 2021 Modern Home Tour. The 2021 Houston Modern Home Tour...

Five Minutes With The Freebie Guy

by Haven Lindsey on April 19, 2021

Kendall Motzny was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Nor was there a silver spoon anywhere nearby. His upbringing in Corsicana, Texas was void of a lot of the things that kids...

How To Enjoy Island Life On The Texas Coast

by Bebe Brown on March 9, 2021

Now it's time to escape to the Texas beach and own a vacation home that helps pay for itself. For many years when Texans planned a trip to the beach it meant heading to South...

Austin Modern Home Tour Goes Virtual—Watch from Anywhere!

by Julie Tereshchuk on February 22, 2021

Home is much on our minds these days, especially given the cataclysmic weather Texans have battled with recently. Not to mention lockdowns and quarantining. Now, it’s time for some inspiration (sprinkled with a little aspiration?) ...

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20 Back To School Ideas to Safely Get Back Into the 2020 Swing of Things

by The Texas Lifestyle Magazine team on August 18, 2020

As summer comes to an end, we can all agree that if there’s anything we’ve gotten used to, it’s the idea of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Back to school season is here and whether...

jessica lewis fP2 cL 6 U unsplash e1597093823250

Five Easy, Affordable Steps to Make Over Your Home for Successful Virtual Learning

by Holly Clark on August 13, 2020

Preparing for virtual learning at home involves not only preparing the space and equipment. It’s also important that both the student and the rest of the people at home adopt the right mindset. There’s so...

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How To Create a Successful Homes Tour During a Pandemic

by Julie Tereshchuk on August 4, 2020

Who doesn’t love the tantalizing chance to peek inside other people’s homes and into their lives that a good homes tour offers? Yet, fans of the sport lost that opportunity when the pandemic struck this...

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4 Simple DIY Projects for You and the Family While Sheltering at Home

by Bebe Brown on April 30, 2020

With the extra time at home during the pandemic, now’s a great time to dig into a few quick and easy DIY home projects. After all, “shelter in place” doesn’t mean you can’t be productive,...