Kit Creates Clothing for Today’s Woman

by Nick Bailey on September 14, 2016

Women in Houston have may have a patron saint of workplace wardrobe, and her name is Merin Guthrie. As the founder of Kit — a dressmaker for the digital age — Guthrie is bringing personalized...


#TravelTuesday: New York’s Hidden Gem, Hotel Hugo

by Jason Jones on September 13, 2016

After more than two dozen trips to New York City, I was disappointed with myself upon leaving the Hotel Hugo with my 13-year old son … disappointed that I’d been to the city so many...

John Taylor (MORRIS CHESTNUT) with his wife Laura  (REGINA HALL) have a romantic moment while Anna (Jaz Sinclair) watches them from outside in Screen Gems' WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS.

“When the Bough Breaks,” the Movie Will Fail

by Hunter Lanier on September 12, 2016

Hitchcock famously defined suspense as allowing the audience to see a bomb planted underneath a table, giving them the exact parameters by which it will explode—known only to the audience—and then allowing the unaware characters at the...


“The Light Between Oceans” Goes from Bright to Dull

by Hunter Lanier on September 8, 2016

Watching "The Light Between Oceans" feels something like visiting an old person, and having them insist heavily that you see every picture they've ever taken of their children, despite the fact that you've only just...

Springfree featuring tgoma

Win the World’s Safest Trampoline

August 15, 2016

Technology plays a huge role in today’s world, and while alone that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that going outside to play has been replaced with sitting and fiddling with a screen....


Milk + honey Spa a Treat in Houston

by Autumn Rhea Carpenter on September 7, 2016

Relaxing in a spa lounge always requires a bit of Jedi mind trickery. It takes time for the brain to release its grip on its logistical daily duties in order for the body to begin...


#TravelTuesday: Five Reasons for Paris

by Rita Cook on September 6, 2016

I love Paris! I like it in the spring, the summer and even in the fall. I am also one of the lucky girls who gets to go there often. My home away from home...

Morg 01

“Morgan”: a Familiar, Yet Well-Crafted Thriller

by Hunter Lanier on September 5, 2016

I'm no expert, but anytime a synthetic life-form takes comfort in opera and playing chess with itself, it should be perceived as a major red flag. Nothing that sophisticated can be up to any good....