“Suicide Squad” Fails to be Different

by Hunter Lanier on August 8, 2016

If you remember, "The Bad News Bears" ends with the opposing team—having won the game—commending the Bears on their moxie and offering an apology for having mocked them earlier. They then gather around in a circle and chant their appreciation...


#FoodieFriday: Steak 48 in Houston’s River Oaks District

by Gabi De la Rosa on August 5, 2016

The River Oaks District is the swankiest place in Houston right now. Completed in October 2015, this mixed used location is full of high-end luxury stores, restaurants and beautiful people and Steak 48 just adds...

EvolvE Cryo + Wellness front entrance

Make a Commitment to Wellness with EvolvE

by Babs Chandrasoma on August 4, 2016

Ever wondered how it feels like to be in a chamber with air as cold as -250 degrees? To me it sounded pretty refreshing during the peak of the dog days of summer in Central...

original essential oil + rose petals from Google Images

Essential Oils: The Good, the Bad and the Essential

by Alyssa Johnson on August 3, 2016

Essential oils have skyrocketed in popularity as people seek alternative ways of enhancing their well-being. Millions of people use them to promote healing, achieve meditative states, enhance cooking and even for cosmetic purposes. Essential oils...

Springfree featuring tgoma

Win the World’s Safest Trampoline

August 15, 2016

Technology plays a huge role in today’s world, and while alone that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that going outside to play has been replaced with sitting and fiddling with a screen....


#TravelTuesday: A Weekend in Fort Worth

by Nick Bailey on August 2, 2016

From time to time we all need an escape — a break from the hectic and the humdrum. While a remote island just off a foreign coast is the dream for many people, tranquility can...


Summer Co-working Hotspots Around Texas

by Paxton Kelly & Sarah Bradley on July 29, 2016

Summertime is an ideal period for folks to get out and visit co-working spaces. If you’re a parent, your house is no longer your own during the workday with kids running around, begging to be...


“Star Trek Beyond” Lives Large And Prospers

by Hunter Lanier on July 28, 2016

American roots music is cohabited by blues and folk. Blues music is primarily emotional—lots of moaning and full of inclusive themes—and folk music is primarily intellectual, offering stories with moral or political centers. In the Sci-fi world, Star Wars...