Cat in the Hat Brings Tricks to ZACH Theatre in Austin

by Britni Rachal on March 10, 2023 in Entertainment,

Entertaining and highly engaging, Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat is being brought to life at ZACH’s Kleberg Theatre.

“Have NO FEAR. My tricks are not bad, said the Cat in the Hat.” The words of the classic tale echo through the theatre with Jason Graff’s convincing performance as the Cat in the Hat, at one point balancing several objects all at once for minutes, while reciting lines from Seuss’ publication, originally published in 1957. Particularly impressive is Graff’s playful and fun engagement with younger audience members.

A true balancing act, this show is entertaining for all ages, but particularly perfect for children. Photo Courtesy ZACH Theatre.

Bantering back in forth with the fish in the tank, the brightly colored and cleverly placed prop and costume is the perfect orchestration for Madison Murrah (understudy) to wow the audience as she tries urges the children, Conrad (Cameron Redwine) and Sally (Alexa Nelan), to send the Cat in the Hat on his way.

Alexa Nelan as Sally. Photo Courtesy ZACH Theatre.

Props fly across the highly intimate, small circular stage of the Kleberg Theatre, especially with the introduction of Thing 1 and Thing 2. The performance of Alexandra Watson and Aria Lee is particularly impressive and funny, as they wail across the stage, causing laughter of all ages throughout the audience.

Alexandra Watson and Aria Lee as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Photo Courtesy ZACH Theatre.

A message to perhaps embrace creativity on a rainy day, the production ends asking the same playful question that the book ends with, “Well … what would YOU do, if your mother asked YOU?”

One of the best things about this performance is that it’s only 45 minutes long, perfect for any attention span, for a quick and enjoyable night at the theatre. The smaller theatre environment also provides a perfect, intimate setting.

Cat in the Hat is showing now through April 23 at ZACH Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online.  


Cover Photo Courtesy ZACH Theatre

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