Texas Voices: Local Legend Country Music Singer Cory Morrow Dominates Texas Country Music Charts

by Bob Valleau on May 3, 2024 in Entertainment,

Cory Morrow is a legendary figure in the Texas country music scene. Born and raised in Houston, Cory began his music career in the 1990s and quickly gained a devoted following of fans.


Cory didn’t become a Texas legend by being quiet, though. He sings about strippers and Jesus with equal fervor. While this dichotomy may leave those on either side of the moral equator perplexed – the answer is actually very simple. Cory Morrow is beautifully and uncomfortably transparent. He has released numerous albums over the years, each showcasing his raw talent and passion for storytelling through song. His music often reflects on life, love and the ups and downs of living in the Lone Star State.

Rise to Fame

In 1993, Cory moved to Austin to pursue music as a career. He is also considered part of the Red Dirt music scene, which differentiates itself from the popular Nashville music scene. Cory has sold over 200,000 albums independently. His 2002 release Outside the Lines reached No. 28 on Billboard’s Country Album chart, No. 3 on the magazine’s Internet Sales chart, No. 8 on its Independent Album chart and No.16 on Heatseekers chart. Luminate Data (a provider of music and entertainment data) ranked him No. 7 among country music debut artists of 2002.

Cory’s jump into country music seemed confusing at first but it was something he was passionate about and something he desired to pursue.  “It was that or stay in college and chase a degree that I didn’t want. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and playing music was something for which I had a passion. Plus girls and such.” 

Texas native Cory Morrow has become a legend in the country music scene. Courtesy Photo.


Crafting Authentic Country Music

Writing country music songs was easy for Cory because he wrote mostly about what Texans did. “I began writing about what I knew, which wasn’t much, but it was mostly about the things we did as Texans: tubing the rivers, dancing, concerts, hunting, fishing, drinking etc. So, growing up a Texan definitely adds content for some fun ideas.”

Although Cory has had many hit singles, he is always working on the next smash hit. “We are currently working on new music. It is a compilation of several years since before the shutdown. I am also currently writing. So, there should be a fair amount of new music and hopefully ideas to which folks can relate. I usually write about what’s happening in my life. Should be some interesting stuff.”

Over the years, Cory recalls being influenced by the greats: “Willie, Waylon, Merle, Kristofferson, Cash, Robert Keen, Jack Ingram, Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, Needtobreathe…love them all and they have all influenced me.”

Cory draws a distinction from other genres when it comes to country music — especially Texas country. “I feel like when it began it was us writing about our experiences and connecting with our Texas roots. We had a different vibe than mainstream country. It wasn’t all good, but that wasn’t the point. We didn’t want it all polished up. Having songs and singers that were flawed yet striving to connect with everyday people was the point.”

Cory Morrow writes and sings about what he knows best – life in Texas. Courtesy Photo.

Connecting Through Music and Stories

Cory’s connection with people finds its roots in his desire to make others laugh or by listening to their life’s story. “I simply love people. I love talking to them and hearing them share their own story and then relating with them about mine. I like to make people laugh and sing along with the crowd. I feel like both of those things are good medicine. No matter what you’re going through, if you can laugh and sing along with a crowd, you will feel better for a little while. Maybe long enough to start asking bigger questions.”

When asked if he can share a memorable experience from his time on the road touring, Cory laughingly refuses but then proceeds to talk about it. “No,” he jokes. “I got a tattoo with my friend Frank Jackson from Smith Music and the Owner of The Table at Madeley one time in Nashville. We wrote a song together and decided to mark that moment with a tattoo. It is a Japanese symbol which means to choose or choices, and Choices is the name of the song we wrote.

“I was on an international flight not long after and decided to play with the language menu on the screen in my chair. I tried Japanese and there was the symbol on my arm next to what I thought was the menu. I thought I had gotten a menu on my arm. I freaked out for a minute. Then I realized it was to select which is another word for to choose or hopefully, choice.”

Cory shares what he does in his spare time. “I get bored easily and need help with direction. I will end up playing golf all day if nobody stops me. Oh, and I love fixing cars. I am not great at it, but better than most average guys I guess.”  

Cory Morrow has new music and book about his life coming out in 2024. Courtesy Photo.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

He has this advice for others wanting to follow a career in country music: “Go get a business degree first. Learn to handle your finances and be a responsible adult first. Or at the same time. Just make sure you’re a smart businessman. The more you can do for yourself the better. And always write from your heart. Don’t write what you think people want to hear, write what they need to hear. Write about what has shaped you.”

Future plans? Cory says, “New music and a book about my life thus far coming out in 2024. I plan to write and sing and perform until I can’t, as the Cody Johnson song says. I have achieved many of my goals and am now creating new ways to connect with fans, finding ways to share my life and my faith with those who want to hear about it.”

Cory and his band will perform at The Table of Madeley, Conroe, Texas, on May 10.

Connect with Cory Morrow

To follow Cory on all his social media, or for more information about him, please visit his website.


Cover photo courtesy Cory Morrow

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