Five Minutes with Cirque Du Soleil CRYSTAL star Hunter Grimm

by Sara Aguinaga on February 12, 2024 in Entertainment,

Hunter Grimm’s passion for performing gravity-defying stunts originated from hitting the skatepark and ice rinks at Grapevine Mills Mall, where he purchased his first pair of rollerblades.

Whether on concrete or ice, Hunter’s determination and raw talent have taken him to the center stage in Cirque Du Soleil CRYSTAL, where he stands as the lone Texan among a global ensemble cast from over thirty countries.

Please share about your connection to Texas. Were you born and raised in the Lone Star State?

Yes, I was born in Dallas and grew up in Flower Mound.

What are the interactions like with your Dallas fans?

Very wholesome. Everyone in the Dallas scene is welcoming and friendly! I try my best to connect with everyone so that I can make a lasting impact. We must keep the Dallas scene going as strong as it can, so every little bit helps. I’m thankful for all my family, friends and fans. I love y’all!

Hunter’s infectious enthusiasm and dedication to his craft make him a beloved figure both on and off the stage, as he continues to inspire audiences worldwide with his remarkable talents. Photo courtesy Gino Gotelli.

Transitioning from skating on concrete to ice sounds like a significant shift. How did the opportunity to perform in Cirque du Soleil CRYSTAL come about?

One of my good friends from rollerblading, Kevin Lapierre, was in the show and performing in my town at that moment. He offered me tickets to come see the show and showed me backstage. When I explained to him that I grew up playing ice hockey and wanted to give this a try he mentioned that there might be an opportunity soon and he would put a word in for me. Sure enough, two months later I was getting a call to go train at the HQ in Montreal. I joined the show shortly after that in 2018!

Many performers have pre-show rituals. Do you follow any specific routines or practices before hitting the stage?

I’m a huge warm up guy so an hour before every show I do a little warmup and workout starting with my shoulders then moving to my legs. I do some exercises to get the blood flowing then followed by a stretch all while I clear my mind and get myself prepared for the show mentality and physically.

Hunter and three fellow CRYSTAL cast members dazzled on the ice rink at Galleria Dallas for a preview performance. Photo courtesy Gino Gotelli.

Training for stunts, whether on concrete or ice, must be rigorous. Have you encountered any injuries?

Yes, so far, I’ve dislocated my shoulder on the ice. No surgery but I did physical therapy to get it as strong as possible. Two years later I dislocated it again and then decided to get surgery after that one. Currently it’s strong, but I still like to work on it every day whether it is small physical therapy exercises or a full-blown workout – anything helps. Preventative care is a high priority for me because I do not want to have to go through that again. I want my shoulder to be as strong and healthy as possible.

With acrobatics, skating, and traditional circus acts, Cirque du Soleil CRYSTAL offers a genuinely multidimensional experience. How do you think this show stands out from other performances you’ve participated in?

This show stands out to me because it has such a strong story line that is easy to follow and very touching at the same time. Unlike the other Cirque du Soleil shows, the storyline could be hard to follow, sometimes it may not even have one. With CRYSTAL, you will be engaged within the story from start to finish.

Hunter has a vibrant personality and always takes time to appreciate his fans. Photo courtesy Gino Gotelli.

Your career has taken you to many places around the globe. Can you share a memorable experience or performance from one of your international tours that left a lasting impression on you?

For me, going to Australia and New Zealand was a dream come true! I’ve always wanted to venture over into that side of the world. With CRYSTAL, I was able to have that opportunity! As far as the performances that stand out to me – it would be the shows with my friends and family in the crowd. I get to really show them how amazing this show is. Of course, they all see me post on Instagram and I tell them all about it, but when they actually have the chance to see it in person, nothing else compares!

After Cirque du Soleil CRYSTAL, do you have any upcoming projects or goals you’d like to share?

I would love to perform in other shows especially the action sports disciplines in them! I also think I would enjoy working with other circus companies to bring extreme skating to them. Maybe even try to start my own thing, who knows? Other than that, I see myself being involved with the younger generation whether it is some sort of skate camp or providing lessons to get the future of the sport prepared!


Cirque du Soleil CYSTAL has performances in Fort Worth and Austin this month. Tickets can be purchased online.


Cover photo courtesy Olivier Brajon

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