Five Minutes With DFW’s Favorite Teen Indie Pop Singer/Songwriter Remy Reilly

by Bob Valleau on September 16, 2019 in Entertainment, Music, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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Beautiful, bold and big on being kind, Remy Reilly, writes songs that speak about relationships. 

How did it all begin? 

I have been singing and writing since forever, but I was too shy to ever show anyone. My mom finally convinced me to do voice lessons at 11, and I started to feel more comfortable.Then, I got a Cajon [box-shaped percussion instrument] for my 11th birthday, and from there on it was over. I was so excited I had found something new, that I learned drums directly after and then piano at 13 and guitar at 14.

An avid pet lover who volunteers at animal shelters, 15-year-old Remy uses her music as a way to connect with others emotionally. Photo courtesy Remy Reilly Music

Your song, “26,” speaks about bullying. Did that song come from experience?

I was bullied a lot in elementary school. I was always the “odd” kid and it was very hard for me to fit in. I never wanted to be like everyone else, I wanted to be different. I would get made fun of for being hyper and weird. It might have made me sad as a kid, but now I’m proud of it and I embrace it. I wanted to write a song talking about bullying because I wanted people to know how much it can affect an individual. I want to share the message of how important it is to be kind.  

What is unique about your style of music?

My genre is not strictly pop, it’s a little bit of everything. How I describe it is Indie Pop, because every song sounds different. I love singing my style of music because there’s no specific way it should sound. There are no limits and no boundaries. I can  just express myself and be who I am, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Dallas-area singer/songwriter Remy Reilly. Courtesy photo

You recently released a single called “Burn.” What is it about, and why did you write it?

“Burn” is a female-empowering breakup song. It is about a girl who gets treated poorly by a man and then she goes off in a rage, showing him who’s boss. I wrote it to help anyone going through the angry breakup phase. If you ever get mad and want to let out some anger out, turn on “Burn” and turn it up loud!

Before releasing “Burn,” you collaborated with alt-country Texas band The Vandoliers. What was that like?

It was an honor to collaborate with the Vandoliers. They brought out a whole new side to my music. I sang “Burn” at a songwriter night and Josh Fleming, the lead singer, wanted to record it. I wanted “Burn” to rock so I knew collaborating with them was the right choice, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

What do you like about singing?

I love to sing because it is a way I can let all my emotions out and vent to the world. It’s a way I can connect with people and that is my favorite thing to do. When people feel what you are singing, that’s where all the magic is.

What is one fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I have eight pets. I love animals so much, that my mom and I have rehabilitated 17 birds. I also volunteer at animal shelters.

Some reading this may want to follow in your footsteps What would you say? 

I would say to be true to yourself and keep it up everyday. Write as much as you can! Get yourself out there and keep on networking. But most of all, out of anything, just be kind.

What do you hope the future holds for you? 

I hope for a long life filled with music and making people happy. I want to do this for the rest of eternity.

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Remy Reilly opens for Marc Rebillet September 20 and for Nite September 21 in Dallas. Catch her October 1 in Houston.

Cover photo courtesy Remy Reilly Music

Bob Valleau is a freelance writer living in McKinney, Texas.