Five Minutes With Disney Channel’s Bunk’d Co-Star Mallory James Mahoney, 2020 Update

by Bob Valleau on July 7, 2020 in Entertainment, Film, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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A year has passed since we last spoke with sought-after actress Mallory James Mahoney, and much has happened to this Disney favorite since then.

We caught up with Mahoney recently to chat about three of the biggest things going on in this young Texan’s life.

Texas resident Mallory James Mahoney co-stars in the Disney Channel’s Bunk’d. Photo The Riker Bros.

First, congratulations to you and the entire cast of Bunk’d for being nominated to receive an Emmy! That is quite an achievement. How did it make you feel when you first heard this?
(Editor’s note: The Primetime Emmy Awards Show airs September 20, 2020, on ABC)

Honestly, I wasn’t entirely sure how fans of the show would react after the Ross kids, [two popular actors who left the show after Season 3], were no longer part of Bunk’d. So, getting a daytime Emmy nomination is wonderful, and I am so excited and happy to know that so many people are still enjoying our show.

Second, Bunk’d made Disney history by being the only TV original series to be renewed for a fifth season. There is usually a four-season limit. What did you think about that?

I find it so awesome to know that Bunk’d is making Disney history. I’m so proud to get to be part of that history! I am especially excited because I love filming the show, and I can’t wait to get back out to Los Angeles and start filming season 5.

Mallory James Mahoney is glad to be home in Texas during the shutdown, spending time with family, friends and her two dogs, Botticelli and Bark Wahlberg. Photo The Riker Bros.

What do you think makes Bunk’d so special?

Everyone on our show gets along so well! From the cast to the crew and to production we are all just like a giant family. We all love working together, and it is always just a happy fun feeling that takes over when you walk on to the set. Every guest that comes to our show talks about it. It feels like some magic fairy dust has been sprinkled on Bunk’d because the show has gone through so many changes. In the film industry, too many changes can sometimes be a bad thing, but with Bunk’d it has been a remarkable thing. 

The third thing that has happened is the COVID-19 pandemic. How has it affected you as a person and also as a family?

COVID-19 has definitely made a huge impact on my life in many aspects. Bunk’d was supposed to have five more episodes for season 4. I was in LA when the lockdown stay at home order came about. I thought it was going to be only a week or so. Boy, was I wrong. So, when the stay at home order kept getting extended, my mom and I decided to head home to Texas so we could spend time with my dad as well as my two dogs, Botticelli and Bark Wahlberg. Nothing changed with school for me because my school work is always virtual classes. I wish COVID-19 was not a reality but I will say I do love getting to spend some special time at home with my family without the daily distractions that would normally be happening. 

The Disney Channel’s next crossover event will combine “Raven’s Home” and “Bunk’d,” creating a new special called “Raven About Bunk’d.” The hour-long special premieres July 24th on the Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.


What would you say to your generation about the COVID-19 situation? 

I know that right now is a really scary time for all of us, but we need to remember that we can get through this if we stick together and help each other. Everyone of us can make an impact if we do our part to always make safe health choices. We can take this break from our normal lives and spend some quality time with our families and make memories at home. Then, when all of this is over, we can go outside with our family and friends and continue to make amazing memories together, because hindsight will be 20/20 then.

Mallory James Mahoney in an earlier series of Bunk’d, which was recently renewed for a fifth season.
Photo courtesy Disney

Was there anything else you were working on before COVID-19?

I was recently a guest star named Ainsley Riches on the Netflix series On My Block. I had an awesome time playing this character—- who is so extremely different from who I am and so different from my character on Bunk’d. That’s why I love being an actress because I get to play all types of different characters from a brash, self-absorbed  singer on On My Block, to the fun but somewhat intense beauty pageant girl who has become an Earth-loving activist friend on Bunk’d, and the role of Taylor, the mischievous angel, in the movie Heaven Sent.

What sort of future film projects do you hope come your way?

I would really love to do a period piece for either film or a television series. I would love to do something maybe like The Last Kingdom on Netflix. I also think it would be awesome to play two different characters on a show. Maybe a dark comedy.

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Cover: Cast members of Bunk’d, season 4. Photo courtesy Disney
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