Five Minutes with Melony Huber, a Creative Entrepreneur with a Heart for Sustainability

by Sara Aguinaga on April 17, 2024 in Entertainment,

Melony Huber, the founder of La Peony Clothing, epitomizes the fusion of fashion with social responsibility. Her journey is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, driven by a deep-rooted passion for sustainable practices in the fashion industry.


After her children were grown, Melony embarked on a quest for a renewed sense of purpose. She wanted to channel her creativity to contribute to social good, and ultimately, she found a way to pursue fashion while making the world a better place. Melony began working with artisans and skilled craftspeople in the Americas, as she was amazed by their talents and age-old traditions. This partnership allowed Melony to create contemporary, versatile styles with eco-friendly materials and environmentally conscious methods. 

You originally hail from California but now call Texas home. Can you share with us what prompted the move to Texas? 

I found love with a Mexican man who has lived in Texas for 17 years. While he did not have the flexibility of a move to California, I did have the flexibility to move. I have lived in many different states such as Arizona, Georgia, Idaho and Washington. I am always up for a new adventure, so I moved to Texas to be with the man I love and who inspires me every day to be the best version of myself.

LPC ensures each limited-production piece withstands the test of time. Photo Dimitry Loiseau.

Congratulations on showcasing your collection at Women’s Fashion & Design Week! Can you tell us about your experience there? 

Thank you, that was such an uplifting event and being surrounded by the powerful women of Wonder Woman Initiative, Honorees and Attendees supercharged me and my team. I enjoyed the energy and knowing that others also find fashion and social initiatives to be important.

What advice would you give aspiring female entrepreneurs passionate about the fashion industry? 

Stay true to your values and mission and have courage to exercise your creativity in the way that supports your purpose. And when flops or failures occur, and they will, pick yourself up, dust off and with your head high, keep trying your best until you discover what works! Fashion entrepreneurs require a thick skin, toughness and patience.

Traditions aren’t just about livelihoods; they embody knowledge, representation, and community connection. LPC proudly embraces this aspect of Mexican culture. Photo Dimitry Loiseau.

What sets La Peony apart from other fashion brands, particularly regarding sustainability and ethical sourcing? 

I pride LPC as always striving to find the right balance when it comes to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Because LPC puts people over profits, we offer styles that come at a higher cost to produce than other fashion brands. We make fewer pieces than our competitors, and we are very selective in the fabrics we choose. LPC pays attention to the whole supply chain from fabric manufacturing to dyes used, labor involved and down to packaging. We do our very best to be as mindful of the planet as we can be while not sacrificing the quality of the garments.

How do you collaborate with the Oaxaca-based female artisans, and how does this partnership impact the brand and the artisans? 

I work with an Independent Subcontractor in Mexico, Cristina Gomez Macfarland. She is the sister of my significant other and she has a PhD that led her to becoming quite familiar with Oaxaca and small communities of Artisans. She has forged the partnerships that we have made. I purposefully design styles that will incorporate each communities’ skills. Cristina takes my requests to the Artisans and we start working! By placing orders, I am offering them a way to earn a living wage and enabling them to support their families doing what they do well. LPC has acknowledged each community’s craftsmanship and they deserve to be recognized for their skills and designs.

The collective is manufactured in the heart of Los Angeles and Mexico. Photo Dimitry Loiseau.

Could you tell us about your favorite piece from the La Peony collection and why it holds significance for you? 

That is a tough one. I love every piece in the collection and I wear everything often. For the first collection dropped at the end of 2022, The Caroline Jumpsuit was my favorite because of its soft fabric and use of the artisanal accents. Then the Lambskin and Denim Collection dropped at the end of 2023 and I am able to throw the lightweight layer of lambskin or denim trenches over everything. Now that the Bamboo Linen & Embroidery Collection has dropped, I will likely be wearing The Cristina Strapless, The Macfarland Vest and the Cecilia Skirt every chance I get this Spring/Summer!

LPC’s ethical, slow fashion movement is based on the three R’s: Responsibility, Relationships, and Rising together. Photo Dimitry Loiseau

Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives La Peony Clothing is working on?

LPC is committed to supporting many organizations such as the several we gave back portions of proceeds from trunk events to-date. We plan to continue finding opportunities to give back. We are aiming to grow our network not only to increase sales channels and wholesale opportunities but to find meaningful initiatives such as Wonder Woman Initiative whereby we can serve others the best we can. Collaborations and partnerships will always be on our radar. We look forward to what will come this year and beyond!

Melony’s favorite wardrobe piece is the jumpsuit. Photo Dimitry Loiseau.

Melony’s dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing is not only evident in her business practices but also in her commitment to engaging with the local community in Texas. As she continues to grow La Peony Clothing, Melony remains open to collaborations and partnerships that align with her values, demonstrating her dedication to making a positive impact both locally and globally. Visit La Peony Clothing to explore Melony’s collection and learn more about her fashion journey. 


Cover photo Dimitry Loiseau

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