Five Minutes With Rising Artist Rudi Gutierrez

by Leean Vargas on June 29, 2020 in Entertainment, Music,
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With her incredible pipes and fearless nature that captured the attention of fans all over the world, Rudi Gutierrez is on the path to being the next big thing.

Born with a love for music and a heart of gold, Rudi Gutierrez began singing at just two years old in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. The oldest of five siblings, Gutierrez stole the spotlight with her shining talent when it came to creating music with her family. After moving to Dallas at 16, the determined teen began homeschooling and taking vocal lessons to focus on her music career. She quickly gained recognition for her immense vocal range and was chosen to perform as an opening act at Lollapalooza in front of 20,000 attendees. 

Rudi Gutierrez is launching her solo music career with her first two singles “Smile” and “Hate LA” that are both currently available on all music platforms. Courtesy photo courtesy

Now, Gutierrez is best known for making it to the final round of the first season of ABC’s The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart. As one of the most liked, relatable, and most talented contestants on the show, there’s no doubt that this is only the beginning for the Texas native.

This rising artist has a lot more in store for her fans. Now, at 24, Gutierrez is launching her solo music career with her first two singles “Smile” and “Hate LA”  that are both currently available on all music platforms. Stay tuned, because she also plans to release new music throughout the remainder of 2020.

We chatted with this rising artist about her newly released music as a solo artist.

As one of the most liked, relatable, and most talented contestants on “ABC’s The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart,” there’s no doubt that this is only the beginning for Rudi Gutierrez. Photo courtesy Rudi Gutierrez

You were born in San Antonio but grew up in Dallas. What was it like growing up as a Texas gal?

You know, I didn’t really realize or appreciate what it was like for me growing up in Texas until I moved away from home. I absolutely loved growing up in San Antonio. LA is always so Go Go Go and as much as I love that, I also love coming home to a slower pace where I can get back to my roots, and just breathe a little bit!

As a child who began singing at just 2 years old, how did you learn to sing and write?

My mom said she used to put music on her belly while I was in her tummy. I literally have always loved music. It is in my blood. I didn’t start writing though until a few years ago. For some reason, I always doubted myself as a writer but then I was like, “I don’t want people writing my music. I want to be able to tell my story the way I want.” So, I stopped being a baby and picked up a pen!

Gutierrez is constantly working on new music; her next single “Stupid Boy” is set to drop soon. Courtesy photo

What was it like performing at one of the most popular music festivals in the world, Lollapalooza?

Honestly it was one of the most incredible feelings. I remember looking out into the audience and just seeing thousands and thousands of people and getting teary-eyed before walking on stage. I had to tell myself, “Rudi, snap out of it! You’re about to sing, get it together!” I walked on stage, all my nerves went away and the crowd was like something out of a dream. I will never forget it.

Tell us about your newly released single “Hate LA.”

Hate LA is about a guy that I met when I first moved to LA. All of my memories from my first couple years in LA were with him. He wound up moving to New York and I stayed in LA. I remember the first week we really called it quits, I was in an Uber and passed a grocery store that we used to always go to and I just started bawling. I called my mom, saying “I can’t do it, I can’t be in LA … every single place reminds me of him.” I hung up the phone and wrote the first line of the song… “Been driving around the city and all I see is you…” and the rest is history.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I have so many. From Billie Holiday to Christina Aguilera to Drake… There’s just so much incredible talent and so many artists that inspire me in so many different ways.

Dream collaborators?

Bruno Mars would be a dream! Honestly, any artist that can sing and put on a show with me, I’m down!

Tell us something no one knows about you.

I’m such an open book, I feel like people know most things about me. Hmm… Okay, so I’ve been staying at my parent’s house for quarantine and I don’t like to sleep in my room … so I sleep on their couch! It’s just soooo comfy and I may or may not be scared of the dark. LOL.

What’s next for Rudi?

My next single, “Stupid Boy.” I’m super excited for this one. I’m constantly working on new music and am going to be dropping a single every month or two. Maybe a music video too in the near future.

Cover photo courtesy Rudi Gutierrez

Leean Vargas is an Editorial Assistant at Texas Lifestyle Magazine and an honors graduate of Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.