Five Minutes with Texas Country Singer Aaron Watson

by Emily Hord on December 5, 2023 in Entertainment, Music,

Aaron Watson is more than just a big name in the Texas Country music scene. The moment he introduces himself it feels like you are talking to a friend and not a country music star. From hits like Outta Style and Freight Train to his newest album Cover Girl Aaron is never short of good ‘ol Red Dirt music.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Amarillo, Texas. I love the panhandle and the west Texas area, so I stayed close by now that I live with my family.

Photo courtesy Chrissy Yoder

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Growing up, I always listened to my dad’s records. From Sinatra to classic rock, to the Beatles and the Stones, and even Chicago and Willie and Waylon, my dad was never short on good music. I then got into Texas music when I found Robert Earl Keen and discovered other song writers that were similar to him, such as Guy Clark.

What got you into playing music?

My dad’s love for country music. Dad was always listening to vinyl records. Church, mom always encouraged me to swing at church. Between Waylon Jennings and Gideon songs! 

Photo courtesy Chrissy Yoder

Recently, your son Jake has joined you on stage to play guitar. How does it feel to have your son up on stage with you?

It’s a trip. He is 17 and still in school, so I am trying to keep him focused on school and baseball right now, but all he wants to do is play music. When he’s on stage with me it’s suddenly not a job, instead it’s like he’s just going hunting or fishing with me. All of my kids are extremely talented though. Jack started his own business and he’s only 15. He washes the bus every week! Jolee (his youngest daughter) and I write songs together every week. When you get to include your kids it makes it go from work to a vacation. 

Photo courtesy Chrissy Yoder

What is your favorite venue to play in Texas?

I love playing in Texas in general. Anywhere and everywhere. You can’t have a favorite because each place is different. There are some venues that are world class with big stages and the sound is amazing, but my favorite places are the tiny stages with the little fairs and rodeo fans. I could’ve gone more mainstream, but for me I’ve always loved the flag for country music and independent artists.

Is there any new music fans can expect to hear soon?

I have a fun album that just came out called Cover Girl. It is a side project I started because of my daughter, Jolee Kate. She has gotten into music and I wanted to show her there is a world of artists besides just Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift (both of which are extremely talented). On this album, I cover some of my favorite songs written by female artists with other female artists. I am excited for my next album but it will not be ready for a while so I wanted to give my fans some ear candy while they wait.

Photo courtesy Chrissy Yoder

Tell us about your upcoming Christmas Tour!

I am super excited to be back on the road performing for everyone. It should be a fun way to get everyone together to share the Christmas spirit! I am sure my family will join me when school does not get in the way.

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Cover photo courtesy Chrissy Yoder

Emily Hord is the Assistant Editor of Texas Lifestyle Magazine and a native Texan. She graduated from Texas A&M University and in her free time, she enjoys going to see live music and spending time with her friends and family.