Five Minutes With the K3 Sisters Band of Dallas

by Jordan Maddox on September 30, 2021 in Entertainment, Music,

Three Dallas sisters take their band to the next level through social media.

Kaylen (22), Kelsey (20) and Kristen Kassab (17) have taken the internet by storm over the past year with their music. The K3 Sisters Band is booming on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. The trio started out young performing alongside their parents on stage as children. They all took so quickly to the art that they decided to follow in their parents’ footsteps and create their own band, so in 2009 the K3 Sisters Band was born. 

Three Dallas sisters — Kaylen (22), Kelsey (20) and Kristen Kassab (17) — have taken their band to the next level through social media.
Photo courtesy K3 Sisters Band

The sisters, Dallas born and raised, have used their growing platforms to connect more immediately and personally with their fans. Their quirky content brings in fans of mostly younger generations from all over the world. Their family dynamic, musical talent and pop-culture references have been the cornerstone of their social media empire.

Has starting a long-running music career together affected your relationship?

Kelsey: Absolutely! At times we have to consciously disconnect from the band hype and try to function as sisters and daughters. In our band meetings the five of us all have equal creative input, but we sometimes get into problems when we forget that our mom and dad are our parents and deserve a bit more respect than just fellow band members. It’s a constant balancing act.

What first began your internet popularity?

Kristen: Well, people usually look to me when this question comes up because even though we had active Facebook and Instagram accounts, it was me who brought up the possibility of TikTok. Very soon thereafter, one of our posts wishing Harry Potter a happy birthday went viral out of the blue, and the rest is history. We now have 2.1 million followers and over 325 million views! And, as a result of our TikTok success, our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts also surged.

Best known for their harmony vocals, original songs, and multi-instrumental skills, the three sisters are joined in their band by their parents, also musicians.
Photo courtesy K3 Sisters Band

Can you tell us a bit about building a music career on social media during a pandemic?

Kaylen: We are all supremely saddened at the tragic effects the COVID 19 virus has had on our world and our generation. In March of 2020, we were in the middle of a six-concert run at Six Flags Over Texas when everything was shut down. We had booked our best year ever of shows and concerts all over Texas, and every one of them were canceled. As a stroke of luck, we had begun experimenting with live streaming shows on our social media. So, we went “all in” on live streaming, chats and meetups on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We now reach people all over Texas, and in 50 countries worldwide.

Kelsey: The social media presence has also helped us to market our band merchandise all over the world. Thanks to social media we are operating a full time music and entertainment enterprise with a global reach right from Dallas!

A Harry Potter-related TikTok was the K3 Sisters Band’s first viral post, with millions of views. Photo courtesy K3 Sisters Band

Why is Harry Potter a running theme in your social media posts?

Kristen: A Harry Potter-related TikTok was our first viral post. When you get millions of views on a post, something “clicks” inside your head and you want more. We all grew up loving the Harry Potter movies and books so much that when we found that there was interest in Harry Potter content, we began creating original Harry Potter content. The result was staggering. 

Kaylen: Since our generation is suffering through this pandemic, we are interested in and relate to the Harry Potter vibes which portray a dystopian society similar to today – for us. Even though we are kind of living in a dystopian world, as a family and a band we are trying to focus our fans on the fact that you can still view current and future things as utopian if you try. Things are getting better if you look for the “silver lining” as one of our hit songs points out. 

Where do you see the band 5 or 10 years from now?

Kelsey: In five years I’ll be 25 years old. By that time I am sure the band will have written at least 100 more songs. And, with the advent of smart TVs, it is totally reasonable that we will be live streaming shows and concerts. All the big media companies are scrambling around for new and original content to stream, and we will be in the perfect position to capitalize on this for the next 10 years or more.

Relaxing off stage. Photo courtesy K3 Sisters Band

Kristen: I am working for the next five years to become a band that can perform on any stage in the world. If this pandemic loosens things up, there is no reason why we can’t take the stage at Madison Square Garden, the Hollywood Bowl or as the headline band at large fandom conventions. Ten years is a long time to forecast for me, but I would say by then I might have time for a relationship with a significant other. For the next 5 or more years my music career comes first.

Kaylen: Wow! In 5 years all three of us will be in our mid-twenties. With our rapidly increasing social media reach we will certainly be able to broadcast to the world. I could see us as a band hosting a talk show or variety show on a major television network or streaming service such as Netflix, Disney+ or one of the many newcomers. Sure, we might be doing national or international tours, but they are very expensive and exhausting. We can survive financially and creatively by not going on tour. But, time will tell.

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Cover photo courtesy K3 Sisters Band

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