Jackie Venson Gets ‘Back to Earth’ With New Sound

by Nick Bailey on January 21, 2016 in Entertainment, Music,
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This year is looking like a busy time for the Texas music scene, and the live music capital is lucky to have a songstress like Jackie Venson hard at work bringing music to life one chord at a time.

The Austin native has been busy since last year, with new creative opportunities becoming available, she’s quickly building steam across the country. According to Venson her run is only just getting started.

“I felt a little lost but also inspired by the fact that this career will always be this way,” she said. “There will always be periods of much excitement as well as periods of down time and experiencing this phenomenon for the first time I felt as though I had arrived. I learned how to keep calm and carry on because after all this life is a marathon, not a sprint.”

We're hoping to see great things coming from Jackie Venson. Photo by Pooneh Ghana
We’re hoping to see great things coming from Jackie Venson. Photo by Pooneh Ghana

More focused than ever, Venson is prepared to take this year to grow personally and musically. Having studied piano for 17 years and four years of intensive guitar study on top of extensive studies at the famed Berklee College of Music, Venson presents a classic sound that’s not easy to come by these days. And she makes it seem easy.

“This year will be the year of growth and transformation in my craft,” Venson explained. “After experiencing the ups and the downs of a music career the last two years I figured out that the only constant is the music, everything else is what happens around that. That being said I’m excited for the new album Jackie Venson Live and anything that springs from it.”

With a bold, silvery sound, Venson brings a strong voice to the mic in songs like “See What You Want” and “I Don’t Cry,” but can also offer a softer touch with songs like “Instinct.” With her latest album on the way, we’re definitely hoping to see great things coming from this young starlet. Venson’s latest project, “Jackie Venson Live” should prove to be interesting new ground in her musical journey.

“This past year has brought about a change in my sound for various reasons correlating with some big life events and trials I went through,” she explained. “I will be capturing this change on the new album and I can’t wait for folks to hear it. I’m also excited to be adding a live album to my repertoire.”

While I am a fan of her old sound, I’m hoping that her new sound brings the same energy as before. It would be remiss of her to completely walk away from such soulful sounds as “I Don’t Care” and “Jupiter.” In the meantime, music lovers may have a tough time catching her, as she’s got shows on both coasts lined up already. But fear not Texans, Venson will have a special performance on February 28 at Strange Brew Lounge Side in Austin, TX. The show will be comprised of two one-hour sets at 6pm and 8pm. This is a great opportunity to put yourself in the mix by being a part of the studio audience.