Texas Voices: Future Looks Bright as Texas Teen Actor Kale Culley Talks About His Time on The CW’s Walker TV Series and What’s Next

by Bob Valleau on June 7, 2024 in Entertainment,

Kale Culley is a young and talented American actor who is gaining attention in the entertainment industry. Born in 2005, Culley has already had an impressive career, with his most notable role being on The CW’s popular TV drama series “Walker.”


In Walker, Culley plays the role of August Walker, the rebellious and troubled son of Cordell Walker (played by Jared Padalecki), a widowed father and Texas Ranger. August’s character is a complex and nuanced one, struggling with his own demons and seeking to find his place in the world. Culley’s portrayal of August has earned him praise from critics and fans alike, with many praising his ability to bring depth and emotion to his character.

Culley’s path to stardom began at age five when he tried to make people laugh or get a reaction from them. Since then, he has pursued acting and has appeared in a number of television shows such as NCIS, Sydney to the Max, The Romanoffs, and Me, Myself & I. His breakthrough role came when he was cast as August Walker in Walker, which premiered in January 2021.

Culley shows a remarkable range as an actor, tackling complex and emotionally charged scenes with ease. His performance in Walker earned him a devoted fan base with many fans praising his chemistry with Padalecki and his ability to bring a new level of depth to the show

Unfortunately, Walker was not renewed for a fifth season, however Kale talked to us about his time on the show, what it meant to him and his plans for the future.

Actor Kale Culley. Photo ABM Photography, Arthur Bryan Marroquin.

Preparing to Play August 

Kale knows his character August so well that sometimes there is little preparation for the role. “The preparation of August this season has been super easy and straightforward (besides a few emotional scenes). To be honest, the amount of preparation depends on the scene or scenes you go in to shoot. For example, if I’m in the background of someone’s conversation cleaning tables or sitting down with no lines, I don’t usually spend too much time thinking about it. I know August so well I can do something simple like sit down how August would sit down, you know? For scenes that are more emotionally demanding, I tend to spend a lot of time perfecting the emotion I want to come across and making sure that it feels honest to me. If I have days in advance, I’m always tweaking or writing on the page or texting our main writer/showrunner ideas I have for the scene. Even if I have less than 24 hours to learn scenes, I do the same thing but in a time crunch. I’d say the only challenging aspect of August to play was his introverted insecurity.” 

A Worthwhile Experience

Kale shares how valuable his experience was playing August. “I think the most valuable experience I’ve had on this set is the constant workflow of being in every single episode for the past four years! It has incredibly grown and strengthened my work ethic and has eased my nerves whenever I go to the next set and beyond! The other valuable thing I take away is the people. I have some really good people who I surround myself with who help me grow as an actor and as a man. Another very valuable thing I cherish is every good memory I’ve ever had on that set. It’s the joy of being an actor that keeps the drive going forever. I’ll also never forget the life lessons the people in hair and makeup gave me. I get the best advice when I’m sitting in those chairs getting ready. (Thank you Carla and Chelsey).

“There’s countless behind-the-scenes moments that stand out. Whether that be an amazing conversation I am having with castmates, or when my sister and I sneak off to the Sidestep set to play pingpong in between shots. I love the delirious moments when everyone has been working for 12 hours straight and we all just start cracking each other up and break out into songs and try to sing insane Tori Kelly riffs. That happened more than you’d think…but it was mostly me. By the way, when I mention these moments I’m talking about the cast and crew.

“I hope people see the troubles August goes through and how he’s able to see the light at the end of the tunnel because of his family. It is beyond important to appreciate your family, or whoever you call family, and grow alongside them.” 

The CW Walker cast. Photo courtesy The CW.

Favorite Scenes

Kale talks about some favorite scenes while filming the show. “Some of my favorite scenes this season to film were my army training scenes because I love how active they were, and I love when people my age are on set! The family dinners are also always a classic. I’m going to have to say my favorite storyline (that no one has seen yet)… is like an alternative world where things are a little different. I can’t say much but it really stretched my acting and my vulnerability. It was refreshing seeing such a unique episode and as an actor seeing all the possibilities that came with it.” 

A Promising Future

The future looks bright for Kale as he looks forward to it with excitement and patient anticipation. “In terms of future projects – I just got back from LA from shooting a proof of concept my brother wrote and directed! It was such an incredible experience that is going to go far. When the feature film gets made, I have the privilege of playing the same character. He was a very “Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club inspired character. Other than that, I’m auditioning a lot and keeping casting directors busy. I can’t wait to see what my future holds for me as an actor. I have very high hopes that the next thing is just on the horizon!”





Cover Photo Cover photo is Kale Culley and his on-screen sister, Stella (played by Texas teen actress Violet Brinson). Photo Keegan Allen.

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