Musicians Rising at Fort Worth’s Magnolia Motor Lounge

by Sage Howell on July 17, 2019 in Entertainment, Music, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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On a Wednesday night in Fort Worth’s Cultural Arts district, a red hue illuminates the crowd at a lively music hot spot. And not everyone was there for the headliner.

This night, as on so many nights, there’s an intriguing line-up at the Magnolia Motor Lounge. Top of the bill is Buffalo Ruckus, named one of the rising Texas country bands to watch in 2018. One of the two opening bands is a duo that call themselves Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers. This pair of rough and tumble blues boys have a history of jamming with Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter as a two-piece set.

Then there’s the debut of a five-piece band headed by a rising talent from the heart of Texas, Dustin Massey. I positioned myself and started capturing what I believe to be the next great artist to come out of Fort Worth since Leon Bridges.

A packed Magnolia Motor Lounge on a Wednesday night as Dustin Massey commands the stage. Photo Sage Howell
Cameron Epple (back left) playing bass while Shane Hudson (front left) plays lead guitar as Dustin Massey (front right) sings the unreleased single, “Wannabe.” Photo Sage Howell
Shane Hudson (left) and Dustin Massey (right) had a strong stage chemistry that was apparent with every guitar solo and transition performed.
Photo Sage Howell
Shane Hudson (left) and Dustin Massey. Photo Sage Howell

Cover photo courtesy Sage Howell

Sage Howell is a photojournalist based in the DFW-area.