#MusicMonday: ‘90s Alternative Rock Royalty Unites in Cedar Park

by Brian Maass on November 4, 2019 in Entertainment, Music,
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For one night in 2019, the ALTimate Tour brought two of the biggest alternative bands from the 1990s together at the HEB Cedar Park Center.

Live and Bush joined forces to celebrate the 25th anniversary of two of their biggest albums. In 1994, Live released “Throwing Copper.” With hits like “I Alone,” “Selling the Drama” and Live’s biggest hit “Lightning Crashes,” the album became a huge success and propelled the band from Pennsylvania to multi-platinum rock stardom. 

Original band member drummer Robin Goodrdge kicks off Bush’s performance at the HEB Center in Cedar Park. Photo Brian Maass

In December of that same auspicious year, Bush released “Sixteen Stone.” With lead singer Gavin Rossdale at the helm, the band found success with songs like “Come Down,” “Everything Zen,” and “Glycerine.” The London quartet found mainstream success not just at home and in Europe but also stateside. “Sixteen Stone propelled us onto the musical landscape. Those songs have found a way into the soundtrack of people’s lives and that is the highest compliment available,” Rossdale said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Both bands have extensive catalogs of songs that have become entrenched in radio stations’ playlist and are beloved by fans.

Bush bassist Corey Britz is bathed in the amber hue of the lights during the ALTimate Tour in Cedar Park. Photo Brian Maass
Bush guitarist Corey Traynor and bassist Corey Brtiz perform during the Bush concert at the HEB Center in Cedar Park. Photo Brian Maass
Original Bush members Gavin Rossdale and Robin Goodridge. Photo Brian Maass
Gavin Rossdale going solo during Bush’s hit song “Everything Zen.” Photo Brian Maass
The packed crowd sings along with Bush’s Gavin Rossdale. Photo Brian Maass


An acoustic guitar and drum kit await the band members to start Live’s show. Photo Brian Maass
Chad Taylor, guitarist for the band Live, plays “All Over You.” Photo Brian Maass
Lead singer and founding member of the band Live, Ed Kowalczyk looks over the crowd during the ALTimate Tour. Photo Brian Maass
A heartfelt namaste from Ed Kowalczyk after Live covers REM’s “Losing My Religion.” Photo Brian Maass
Live bassist Patrick Dahlheimer performs “All Over You.” Photo Brian Maass
Chad Taylor and Patrick Dahlheimer (bass) rock out during Live’s “Selling the Drama.” Photo Brian Maass

Cover: Gavin Rossdale kicks up it up to 11 during Bush’s performance on the ALTimate Tour. Photo Brian Maass

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