Texas Voices: Although Austinite Teen Actor Tristan Riggs Excels at Performing in Horror Films, He’s Experienced at Performing In Other Genres as Well

by Bob Valleau on June 12, 2023 in Entertainment,

Tristan Riggs is a young and talented actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He has been praised for his natural acting abilities and his ability to bring depth and authenticity to his roles. Tristan has appeared in a number of popular TV shows and movies, showcasing his range and versatility. He comes from a family of actors that includes his sister, Charlotte Delaney Riggs, and father Brent. Among them they have a combined total of 100 TV/film credits. Tristan, however, is the one who specializes in horror films whether he plays the good guy or bad guy. We had a chance to talk to him recently about his unique specialty and his interest to perform in other roles than just the macabre.


No Fear

Tristan Riggs resting on the set of The CW’s Walker. Photo courtesy Tristan Riggs.

Teen actor Tristan Riggs has appeared in a number of TV series including True Lies and The CW’s Walker, however, it is the horror film genre where he has excelled at playing the good guy or bad guy. He exhibits no fear when it comes to horror. In fact, he even does his own stunts.

“I’ve been in many horror films. Sometimes I play the bad guy and sometimes the good guy. Sometimes I am killed off and other times the last to survive. The horror film that means the most to me is The Seventh Day. This is because I got to practice doing my own stunts working with some of the best in the business. My burn double was Kamryn Poole who just won an Emmy for her stunt work in Stranger Things and is Millie Bobby Brown’s stunt double. I also had a pivotal role in the plot of this movie. I had an intense scene opposite actor Keith David who is a horror legend. I also got to flex my acting muscles delivering intense monologues while covered in complex SFX, doing stunts including wire work and aerials. There were so many veteran actors in this film that I was able to learn from including Guy Pearce (Memento) and Stephen Lang (Avatar). I also got to work with Heath Freeman (NCIS), who played my dad. Heath passed away in 2021, and I am glad I got to meet him.”

Loving Texas

When he’s in Texas, Tristan volunteers at a local farm helping with the animals, including longhorns. Photo ABM Photography.

Although the bright lights of Hollywood appeal to his talent, Texas will always be home to him. “I love living in Texas. There is so much to do here. I love the Austin music scene. I have started playing guitar and have a growing interest in music. Some of my favorite artists are John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

Spare Time

Any spare time Tristan has is spent on his varied interests: “I really like how there are so many things to do here in Austin and you can never really be bored. There are tons of outdoor activities including parks, rivers, lakes. I most enjoy skateboarding and hanging out with my friends.”

Greatest Accomplishment

At such a young age, Tristan has already garnered 50 TV/film credits with two awards and seven nominations. “It’s difficult to choose what I think is my greatest accomplishment. That’s a tough one. I was really excited to get my first recurring guest star role on a TV series in 2022 on AppleTV+ on the series Best Foot Forward but also it was a big accomplishment to recently work on the series True Lies with director James Cameron and McG due to their great accomplishments in the industry.”

Current/Future Projects

Tristan on the set of CBS’ True Lies. Photo courtesy Tristan Riggs.

Tritan’s acting career is anything but boring. “I play Andy in True Lies, Lucas Jaye’s (actor Jake Tasker) best friend and sparring partner. I landed the role through a self-tape audition and a call back. This audition involved acting and demonstrating some martial arts skills which was fun. I also play the young lead in a feature film coming out later this year called Dante’s Hotel from the director/producer of Sharknado. I also play the lead in a horror podcast series called, Midnight Caller streaming now.

“Recently I was in the AppleTV+ series Best Foot Forward and The CW series Walker. I have also been on Ashes, Sesame Street, Strange World and Million DollarsBut, and others. I like both TV and film, but with the TV I have done so far there have been more kids on set and I enjoy that because I get to hang out with other kid actors and meet people that then become friends. I even get to hang out with them outside of the set sometimes.”

Best Advice

Tristan loves to perform his own stunts whenever possible. Photo ABM Photography.

The best advice Tristan has received to help him become a better actor is: “Be yourself wherever you find yourself. It’s easy to enjoy your time on set, when you can be yourself, and that is when you really excel in your role.”

Looking Ahead 

The future looks promising as Tristan anticipates more opportunities. “Right now, we are waiting to hear on several season renewals for current TV projects as well as I have a couple of films in post-production. We will see what happens as you never know in this industry because it is very unpredictable. I am excited to see what the rest of 2023 brings!”





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Cover photo ABM Photography.

Bob Valleau is a freelance writer living in McKinney, Texas.