Texas Voices: Country Music Singer Paige Lewis Gains Popularity and Loyalty From Fans Who Connect With Her Songs

by Bob Valleau on February 15, 2024 in Entertainment,

Paige Lewis, the talented Country music singer from Katy, TX, is making waves in the industry with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Paige’s journey from singing in local venues to becoming a rising star in the Country music world began when she was young, and it hasn’t stopped – or even slowed down – since.

From the first note she belts out, Paige captivates audiences, effortlessly showcasing her emotional depth and musicality. Her unique sound blends traditional country with a contemporary twist, making her music relatable to a wide array of listeners. Whether crooning about heartbreak or celebrating the joys of life, Paige’s songs strike a chord with fans who appreciate authenticity and storytelling.

Paige Lewis’s rise to prominence has not come without hard work and dedication. Her perseverance paid off when she caught the attention of a record label, signing her first major deal at age 16. Since then, she has released several successful singles and her debut album, which have garnered critical acclaim and earned her a loyal fan base.

Paige Lewis first began writing songs as a young teen. Courtesy photo.

“I have been doing music for so many years,” says Paige. “It’s hard to even describe my journey without getting too lengthy. But, I’ll try! I grew up in Katy, TX, and lived there until I was 16, when I was signed to Word Records out of Nashville. At the time, I was writing and performing inspirational music and off I went – touring and recording as a young kid, basically. I then went on to live in Los Angeles to pursue more opportunities for my music, moved back to Texas to go to college (Hook ‘em Horns!), and then again moved BACK to LA for music once more. Coming back to your initial question, my journey into Texas Country Music has been happening for quite some time without me even realizing it. 

“In 2017, I moved back home to Texas after many years away, and have been here to stay ever since. To be honest, the real catalyst that made me enter into the Texas Country scene is pretty funny. I was on a trip to Fredericksburg, TX, with a group of friends, and we spent the weekend listening to live music, drinking wine – doing all the things you do in Fredericksburg, really! I came up with a funny song idea one night when we ended up getting cold and needing a jacket (hint, the song is called If I Had a Jacket and is on my new album). And the rest is history. It sparked an idea in my mind to write an album about Texas and how good it felt to be back home. And that’s exactly what I did!”

Paige’s songs have a unique way of connecting with people. “I’m most inspired by the thought of other people connecting to the songs that I write. I like to write most about the things that I’ve lived through, and with my latest album, Under the Texas Sky, I was just so inspired by the fact that I’m finally back home and surrounded by family and people who know me and love me. I think these songs were inspired by that. I also love to write about other people’s experiences and tell stories of the hope and struggle that this life brings for all of us. My inspiration comes mostly from a need to connect with my listeners through my songs and a need to bring us all together.

“I feel like my songs speak for themselves. I have a ton of funny, lighthearted songs on my new album as well as some deep, gut-wrenching tracks. It’s all a part of who I am on my journey and a part of my story.” 

Catch Paige on tour promoting her new album Under the Texas Sky. Photo Courtesy Paige Lewis.

Paige loves living in Texas and her music has been influenced by many Texas Country musicians: “Lyrically, there are a ton of Texas influences on my new album. I mentioned as many places as I could without just reading off a map! (And even got a Buc-ee’s and Whataburger lyric in there!) But yeah, musically, like I said before, this whole album was inspired off of an amazing weekend in the hill country that really brought me back to my roots. I realized how much I connected with Texas Country music and questioned why I hadn’t landed here many years ago!”

Balancing traditional elements of Country music with her own personal touch can be difficult at times, but she manages to do both on this album. “I have a huge appreciation for the traditional elements of country music, and tried to stay true to that throughout the recording of Under the Texas Sky. I also, however, have a background of writing so many different styles of music, that I think that seeps through a little bit (in a good way)! I think there are some very catchy, pop melodies throughout this album – and also some rock and soul sensibilities that might not typically be expected in traditional Country music.”

Paige has high hopes for her songs. “I hope listeners enjoy my music and leave with a little smile on their face. I’ve had people write to me telling me my songs have changed their lives, and I’ve had people laughing hysterically in the audience after singing along to Manager (The Karen Song). I love that I can create both of those reactions and let people walk away feeling something, no matter what it is.” 

Paige aims to be authentic in her songwriting and hopes her music makes listeners smile. Photo Courtesy Paige Lewis.

People relate to Paige’s music because she remains authentic. “For me, my songs can be nothing but authentic, or I wouldn’t have been the one to write them! As far as being relatable, I think because I’m living in the same world and same human experience as my audience, that’s how I relate. In other words, it’s not forced.”

Paige reflects upon her life since dropping out of high school after signing to her first record deal at age 16. “I dropped out of high school when I got signed to my record label at 16! (Don’t worry, I ended up getting my college degree in Advertising from The University of Texas.) And lately, in my spare time I like to dream about having spare time!”

This year is proving to be quite challenging for Paige, but one she is committed to seeing through. “I am planning on touring quite a bit in the future and will be releasing more songs in 2024. Under the Texas Sky has just been released, though, so please take a listen! We have released a couple of Music Videos for the singles, which have been charting on the Texas Country Radio Charts.”



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Bob Valleau is a regular entertainment contributor for Texas Lifestyle Magazine.