Texas Voices: Sibling Sensations Tim and Zina Harrington Shine as Teen Models/Actors

by Bob Valleau on May 16, 2024 in Entertainment,

Tim and Zina Harrington are a dynamic brother-sister duo who have carved out successful careers as models and actors in the entertainment industry.

Tim, the older of the two at 17, initially began his career as a model before transitioning into acting. With his striking good looks and natural charisma, Tim quickly made a name for himself in the modeling industry. Zina, on the other hand (age 15), started off as a child model before following in her brother’s footsteps and pursuing a career in acting. Known for her talent and professionalism, Zina quickly made a name for herself by becoming Teen Model of the Year (Jan 2024) and Female Most Sought After Model (Feb 2024).

Despite their individual successes, Tim and Zina often collaborate on modeling projects together or bring their chemistry and creativity to the screen. For instance, both are fluent in Russian language and appear as Russian intelligence agents in this summer’s film Mission From Outer Space 2037, which will be released on Aug. 4. The film stars four-year-old EmmaRain Welling, multiple award-winning actress Alexis Arnold and multiple award-winning actress Kiley Opsal. Also appearing in the film is Lee Majors from TV fame, Six Million Dollar Man, Tom Vera (If I Could Ride, The Shipment) and rising Hollywood model/actress Andi Saks who also speaks fluent Russian. 

We had a few moments recently to ask Tim and Zina about their modeling and acting careers as individuals and as a couple.

For both of you: What has been your experience working as teen models and actors — especially your appearance in the upcoming summer film (Aug 4) Mission From Outer Space 2037, that stars EmmaRain Welling who was just four years old at the time of filming? 

Tim Harrington has been quite successful in his modeling career. Photo courtesy Gary Hufham Professional Photography.

TIM: It’s difficult to do modeling in your late teens since not all clients will work with minors. As an actor, most of the time they want 18+ to play 14-17 years olds…but I’ve been fortunate and have found opportunities despite my age. I will be 18 soon and that should open the door even wider for me.

“Appearing in the movie Mission From Outer Space 2037 was absolutely exciting for me! I am so grateful to my best friend, Shanda Arnold, co-producer and mother of Alexis Arnold, for recommending me and my sister to Shawn Welling, producer of the movie. Since we can speak fluent Russian, my sister and I were a perfect match for the roles of Russian intelligence agents in their young years.

“We didn’t actually play in the same scene with the lead character, EmmaRain Welling, but we really enjoyed talking and playing with her on set during our break time. I love kids and admire how much energy, enthusiasm and talent this little girl has! She is certainly a movie star with a great future!” 

ZINA:Since I was a baby, I liked to dress and to be the center of attention. I’ve always dreamed of modeling and people were very often telling me that I am pretty, and look like a model. Though I was born in Europe, when I was two we moved to the Middle East because my dad worked in the oil and gas industry. We thought there was no modeling in these countries. However, when I was 12 years old, and 5 foot 7 inches tall, I asked my mom to check to see if there were any modeling agencies in Kuwait. She found one so we sent them my pictures (January 2021). In a couple of weeks I got my first job for a famous Kuwaiti brand. I think we should do what we are good at, matching our job with our strengths and since I have the right look, attitude and love working hard, I decided to pursue a career in this industry.

“During the two years in Kuwait modeling, I gained lots of experience having done commercials for five famous brands, lots of photoshoots for websites, catalogs, modeled for well-known designers and was featured on TV. Posters with my modeling (and my brother) and wall-size TV screen displays were in two stores running ads with us in the biggest shopping mall in Kuwait. My brother and I were published in CityPages magazine as an editorial photoshoot When We Grow Up. Also, while living in Kuwait, I was chosen top 50 World finalist for Child Model of the Year (December 2021) by Child Model Magazine in the US.”

What was it like for you, Zina, modeling in the Middle East versus the United States?  

Zina Harrington began her modeling career in the Middle East before her family moved to Houston. Photo courtesy Gary Hufham Professional Photography.

ZINA: “Frankly speaking, every performance I’ve had so far has truly been a very memorable experience. Modeling in the Middle East is a unique experience – having photoshoots and shows at sunset in a desert, in palaces, in a chalet on the Persian Gulf, having high hairstyles done for three hours and makeup for more than an hour by the top people in the area. I modeled at informal fashion shows with the Royal family attending, even at an actual Arab wedding as a bridesmaid wearing famous local designer clothes. I was even transported around to some events with the designer in a limousine. The Arab world has a beautiful culture, rich in traditions and very hospitable.  I really enjoyed my time there. 

“In my first year of modeling in Houston I’ve done more than 20 fashion shows. I’ve been honored to walk for Givenchy, Macy’s, Nicole Miller, and many others.I was interviewed for a documentary film Night in Paris by Black Pixel Productions from NY (about Dexterity Talent Fashion Show), and I was featured in the article of Meeko Media News channel on their Facebook page twice. In Jan 2024, I was announced Teen Model of the Year, Female Most Sought After Model (Third Runner-up among all age divisions) and 2nd Runner-up in TV Beauty (award in acting) at IMTA in LA. In Feb 2024, I played in an action film the role of a Russian intelligence agent in two different scenes – such a memorable experience! 

“Appearing in a movie for me and my brother was like a miracle! I am so blessed to have had this opportunity. We didn’t actually play in the same scene with the lead character, EmmaRain Welling, but we really enjoyed talking and playing with her on set during the breaks in filming. She is so cute and smart. We also watched Emma’s work with other actors – such a little girl with such a big talent! I also greatly enjoyed being on set with the beautiful and amazing actress, Alexis Arnold!  We learned so much from her and the rest of the crew was amazing and supportive as well.”

What has been your favorite modeling and acting gig, Tim, and why? What do you hope the future holds for you as a model and actor?

In addition to modeling, Tim Harrington hopes to further his career in the entertainment industry by pursuing acting roles. Courtesy photo.

TIM: “My favorite modeling gig was a commercial for TryGoya advertising clothing and floating trays.  My sister and I went to a chalet, and we had to swim in a pool next to the Persian Gulf on the beach and eat ice cream and fruit served in those floating trays! Although it was work, I remember how relaxing and tasty it all was! My favorite acting gig was Mission From Outer Space 2037. I loved the first scene – in a car, playing a Russian intelligence agent with incredible actors Andi Saks and Tom Vera and the most fantastic experience was the second scene – plane crash, where I was running away from a huge explosion. My sister and I love extreme risks, and we are hard workers so we enjoyed endlessly running through puddles, fire, getting dirty, shutting the doors from an explosion and hiding from flying pieces of plane, helping two other wounded bloodied agents to get shelter. Although it sounds extreme, things were really safe…but we got to act out the experience. Hope you like the movie when it comes out soon.”

Zina, what are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in your career so far and how have you overcome them?

Zina Harrington was named Teen Model of the Year at IMTA Los Angeles 2024. Courtesy Photo.

ZINA: “The biggest challenge for me was when I started to model. You either start as a baby or an adult. Because of my height I couldn’t model children’s clothes and there is a very small market for teenagers. This age group is called a dead zone. But I didn’t give up. I’m still able to get a lot of work in brand photoshoots and commercials. 

“Another challenge I faced was after modeling in Kuwait for two years and establishing all the contacts. When we moved back to the US, I had to establish myself all over in a new market. And again, since I am a minor, my age is still the biggest difficulty for me…but thanks to my ability to work hard, to my agency, and to my parents, I was able to develop my career quite quickly.”

What advice do both of you have for other teenagers who aspire to follow in your footsteps and pursue a career in the entertainment industry?


Siblings Tim and Zina Harrington play Russian Intelligence Agents in this summer’s film Mission From Outer Space 2037. Photo courtesy Gary Hufham Professional Photography.

TIM: “I am only in the beginning of my career but what I certainly learned was that you need to push forward even when there are times that seem impossible and doubtful. You can’t be afraid of failing. Always be focused, listen, learn, and take direction and advice constructively to keep improving….never stop doing this. You also need to join a good agency, ask parents for help and pray to God.” 

ZINA: “I am not sure that I can give advice yet, but I feel that modeling/acting should be your true passion. I learned that if you want to achieve something in this industry you should keep working hard every day and to have a desire to give this career your all. It demands attention, and the proper attitude at all times. The looks help, but you also need the correct temperament, preparation, and professionalism to succeed. Always remember, Brands are selecting you to represent them through modeling, or producers are picking you to play a role. It is not about you, it is about providing them with a result that they are happy with.”










Cover photo courtesy Gary Hufham Professional Photography

Bob Valleau is a regular entertainment contributor for Texas Lifestyle Magazine