#TXVoices: A Lively Chat With Texas Sweetheart, Musician Danielle Bradbery

by Bob Valleau on December 6, 2021 in Entertainment, Music, Living Texas,

Popular country music artist Danielle Bradbery was the youngest person to win NBC’s 2013 The Voice. The Texas native was all of 16. 

Today, now age 25, Bradbery continues to make her mark in country music. The release of her newest single Stop Draggin’ Your Boots is reminiscent of 1990s Shania Twain. We caught up with Bradbery for a lively chat about her new single and more.

Where the Dream Began

Danielle Bradbery’s dream to sing before others began in her hometown of Cypress, TX. One major problem loomed — she was extremely shy, so she mostly kept her singing to herself. Secretly, Bradbery knew she would sing on a stage one day as she loved to sing. But she never thought it would be on a stage as big as NBC’s The Voice, where her talent would be enjoyed by a live audience and millions of people worldwide. She eventually won the competition and credits her win to the experienced coaching of country music star Blake Shelton. 

As she recalls, she was a girl who had no experience of the world of singing competitions or the music industry. “I learned more than I ever thought possible,” she says. “It taught me so much, I met incredible people, and had the experience of a lifetime!”

Danielle Bradbery contemplates the future. Photo Ford Fairchild

The Voice Experience

After she won, Bradbery’s mom (the one who had urged her to audition for the show) and friends overwhelmed her with support. They were there when she took baby steps toward stardom. “My friends and family were super excited and so supportive.” To the nervous competitor, it had seemed like half of Texas teamed up to watch The Voice every Monday and Tuesday night. “The watch parties blew my mind, and I could feel the love all the way from Los Angeles.”  

A Pandemic’s Impact

Many years, songs and nominations have passed since her Voice win, and Bradbery is grateful she gets to continue to showcase her singing ability for others to enjoy. But ,when the pandemic hit last year, she was shocked, and, at first, she was uncertain what to do. However, Bradbery quickly realized she had more time to focus on what mattered. “I took the time to be still for a while. I focused on me — and to be very honest — a little bit of it was nice to just take a second to get a grasp on everything. It for sure had its ups and downs.” 

Texas country musician Danielle Bradbery praises loyal fans for her success. Courtesy photo

Behind the Star

Being a country music star sometimes leaves little room for what Bradbery likes to do most. Few people know what she is like off stage and what she does in her spare time. “I’m very much a homebody. I’m an introvert 50% of the time and an extrovert the other 50%, so it depends on what’s happening,” she says. The Texan loves going on long walks, and being outside — especially if she gets to sit by a fire with friends as temperatures cool. Spending time with her boyfriend is also high on her list. “I’m easy going, and definitely want to chill most of the time.” Then there’s her desire to honor the Hispanic heritage of her mom’s side of the family. “I love to sing in Spanish,” she explains. “Having Hispanic family is a big part of who I am.”  

The Latest Single

Bradbery appreciates her fans, and she realizes they are a big part of her success. She has received lots of positive fan feedback on her latest single. “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots has been a really good project for me. The music video was so fun and I love to dance, so we really went down that lane. Full cowboy hat and all. I say, let’s bring the ‘90s back!”

Danielle Bradbery has been serious about her career since her win on Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice. Courtesy photo


Her journey to success has not been without some frustration, though. “This journey is definitely a wild ride with the ups and downs.” She suspects a lot of the challenges came from what Bradbery calls “the whole female thing.” She has no answer as to why that is an issue. She just wishes it didn’t have to be that way. “But, I’ve been blessed to be able to do what I have! I’m not the type that has to have an award to feel like I made it. If I can make music and be there for my fans and just enjoy this life I get to live, that’s incredible to me.”  

The Future

This talented young Texan’s future plans include trying new things and being more creative. More concerts are in the works, and she can’t wait to share the new music she’s working on. “It’s something special. There’s a lot of exciting stuff!”

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Cover photo courtesy Ford Fairchild

Bob Valleau is a freelance writer living in McKinney, Texas.