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We have followed Mallory’s successful career and watched her grow up on the Disney Channel’s award-winning TV comedy series, “Bunk’d” (which has been renewed for a seventh season – a historical Disney first for a comedy series). Although the show has catapulted Mallory to national fame, she remains grounded in her Texas roots by actively participating in local organizations such as the Neuro Fitness Foundation and by helping with various animal rescue groups. 


The success of Disney Channel’s TV comedy series, Bunk’d, is a TV phenomenon, and it’s mostly because of the cast members’ family mentality. Mallory started with the series in a different role to where she has evolved from camper to counselor.

Bunk’d is about a group of kids and Camp/Ranch Kikiwaka employees who come together at summer camp and all the craziness that we get into,” says Mallory, “We make friends, eat s’mores, and always get into a lot of trouble. One of the craziest parts of me booking my role on Bunk’d was that I wasn’t actually going out for the part of Destiny Baker. She was a different character. She didn’t become the competitive, environmentalist, counselor that we all know and love until after I booked the part.”

Mallory, who celebrates her 18th birthday next week, is from Fort Worth, Texas. Photo courtesy Presse Public Relations.

The Show’s Popularity

“Everyone on our show gets along so well! From the cast to the crew and to production we are all just like a giant family. We all love working together, and it is always just a happy, fun feeling that takes over when you walk onto the set. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really is. Every guest that comes to our show talks about it. It feels like some magic fairy dust has been sprinkled on Bunk’d. I think that really ends up reflected in the final product of each episode.”

Fiction vs. Real Life

In some ways, Mallory’s character, Destiny, is a lot like herself. “I play Destiny Baker, a very competitive ex-pageant queen turned environmentalist. She was always a camper, but this past summer she became a counselor and got a whole bunch of new responsibilities of her own. There are actually lots of similarities between Destiny and I, although she is just much more intense than I am in all aspects. For example, we are both very girly and have similar fashion senses. We are also both very driven and competitive in almost everything we do. We also are very interested in helping the environment and have a bit of a dark side.”

In addition to Bunk’d, Mallory has acted in movies like Adventures in Babysitting. Photo courtesy Presse Public Relations.

TV vs. Film 

Mallory has co-starred in movies as well, like Adventures in Babysitting, Heaven Sent, Tough Cookie, and Sober Companion. She loves to do both TV and film. “I love being on a TV series because I get to grow my character and have them develop more through each episode. Plus, I get to work every day, which is very exciting for me. I love making movies because it is all-consuming for a few months and so intense and amazing, then I just get to go back to Texas and continue my everyday life.”

A Texas Girl

Mallory is a homegrown true blue Texas girl who actively participates in local organizations. One such organization, Neuro Fitness Foundation, is dear to her heart. “I love living in Texas really because it’s where I was born and raised. Texas is where I feel most at home. My dad and two dogs stay here while my mom and I travel to California to film, so I love getting to come back and be with them when I’m not working. Also, a lot of my extended family and most of my friends live nearby in Texas, too. I really think one of the best parts about my life in Texas though, is that I get to live just a normal teen life whenever I’m home. I really enjoy having the mix of both worlds. Plus, when I’m here I get to have Tex-Mex. It’s so delicious!”


Mallory misses her dogs – and Tex-Mex food – when she’s in California working. Photo courtesy Presse Public Relations.

Caring for the Disabled/Protecting Animals

“I care deeply about people with disabilities. My uncle TJ is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. He is one of the most amazing and important people in my life. My wish is for everyone to understand that people with disabilities deserve the same respect and opportunities as every able-bodied person. I am also a true animal lover. I became a vegetarian at age six and have been ever since, and I also support many different animal protection causes.”

Mallory concludes, “Thank you, Texas Lifestyle Magazine, and your readers, for allowing me to talk about the show, my journey as an actress, some issues that concern me and about the great state of Texas!”


Morning person or night?

Definitely a night person.

Favorite ice cream?

Rocky Road today, but it changes almost every day!

Favorite singer or group? 

Taylor Swift! I listen to a ton of different types of music, my tastes are kind of all over the place! But my all-time favorite is Taylor.

Favorite type of food?

This one’s a tossup between Tex-Mex and Italian!

Favorite season of the year?

I would say winter because I really love Christmas and snow!

Who is your celebrity crush? 

I have always been a huge “Gilmore Girls” fan, and my celebrity crush is Matt Czuchry who played Logan Huntzberger.

What makes you smile and what scares you the most?

Something that makes me smile is definitely my dogs Lord Stanley and Penalty Killer, they are so silly and adorable. The thing that scares me the most is probably disappointing the people I love.

Describe yourself in one sentence (okay, maybe two)

I’m driven but still kindhearted and I’m loyal to those I love. Making others happy makes me happy!

Dream role?

I would love to book a role where I get to play my own twin. I think creating two totally different characters would be so much fun, and challenging!

Mallory is passionate about supporting people with disabilities and organizations like the Neuro Fitness Foundation. Photo courtesy Presse Public Relations.







Cover photo courtesy Presse Public Relations

Bob Valleau is a freelance writer living in McKinney, Texas.