TX Voices: Beautiful Claire Capek, 18, Is Poised to Impact the International World of Modeling and Acting

by Bob Valleau on February 23, 2023 in Entertainment,

High school senior Claire Capek remembers walking down the runway of beauty pageants at age five. At age six, she started modeling for companies like JC Penney, American Girl, Academy Sports – and many others. Her portfolio includes being on the cover of local magazines and in several music videos/multiple short films that have won numerous awards. She is represented by local and national talent agencies and will soon be represented by a new prestigious international modeling agency, based in London, called Sway. Her feature film debut occurred in December 2022 when she co-starred in Great American Family’s TV movie, “A Christmas…Present,” with former “Full House” celebrity, Candace Cameron Bure. “A Christmas…Present” was recently nominated for an award in three different categories by the 30th Annual Movieguide Awards: Best Family Television; Epiphany Prize Television; and Grace Award Television.


At an early age, the world of modeling captured the attention of Claire Capek. But she didn’t stop there as acting was something she wanted to do, too. 

When she’s not traveling for modeling or acting, Claire Capek calls Dallas home. Photo Greg Daniels Photography.

“I started modeling when I went to a local runway show when I was five years old. Eventually, I got on the cover of North Texas Child magazine, and then my agents at the Kim Dawson Agency picked me up. I was later picked up by my LA talent agency AEFH, and then later by my model manager 42 Model Management, and recently by Sway Models which is based out of London. But acting was always something I wanted to do, too.”

Claire’s desire to act became a reality when she co-starred in Great American Family network’s Christmas movie, A Christmas…Present, which stars former Full House celeb Candace Cameron Bure.

“I played the role of Becca Larson, daughter to Candace Cameron Bure and Marc Blucas. They were such genuinely nice people. We got along great, and it was fun to be a part of that set family. Candace and I really bonded, and Marc was constantly telling dad jokes, and we both shared dry senses of humor. It was just such a fun and positive experience with such amazing and super talented people.”

On the set of “A Christmas…Present” (2022), Great American Family’s feature film with Full House’s Candace Cameron Bure. Photo Courtesy Great American Family TV network.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Clair loves to travel to act or to model, and she welcomes every opportunity to do both, but her heart belongs to Texas. Texas is her home.  “There is so much to do in Texas. There are so many areas to explore. Constant opportunities. And I love being able to be outdoors all year round.”

To Model or To Act?

With Claire, her career choice is not to act or to model. It’s to do both. “I really love them both. Modeling comes easier because I love to have fun on set, and I have years of practice. Acting is more of a challenge due to script memorization and getting into character, but filming a movie is also the most amazing thing, and I absolutely want to do much more film and TV.”

In addition to “A Christmas…Present”, Claire has also appeared in music videos and short films. Photo Courtesy Claire Capek.

Staying True

Claire loves to be in the spotlight, but she is an introvert at heart. “Although I have to constantly be in front of people when I’m working as an actor and as a model, I am actually a bit of an introvert…with a dry sense of humor.”

Entertaining Advice

Claire has some words of wisdom for those who are interested in the entertainment industry. “Start taking some classes for sure. I started acting at Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film, in Lewisville, Texas, at six years old and continue to this day. It is a great studio and also an awesome way to find out if it is your passion. For modeling, just start taking a lot of photos. Meet up with photographers and start shooting to see if it is something you enjoy. You can send digitals to all of the local agencies with your stats to see if they are interested, or go to their websites to get information on their open calls. The best advice for the modeling and acting industries is just to never give up. I have done hundreds of auditions with almost as many rejections, and you have to not take it personally and to persevere. Something good will eventually come your way. If entertaining is a passion of yours, then go for it!”

Claire recently signed with Sway Models based out of London. Photo Greg Daniels Photography.

Future Plans

The world is Claire’s stage, literally. “I graduate from high school in May, then I plan to start traveling for modeling, starting in London, while also auditioning for TV and film when those opportunities arise.” 






Cover Photo Courtesy Claire Capek

Bob Valleau is a freelance writer living in McKinney, Texas.