Dry January Doesn’t Have to Be Dry

by Texas Lifestyle Magazine Team on January 11, 2023 in Food+Drink,

It’s more popular than ever: Dry January. There’s a new article nearly everyday on the health benefits and popularity of the detox trend. You can still enjoy a good drink with friends while abstaining from alcohol during “Dry January”. We’ve rounded up a menu of tasty non-alcoholic drinks that will have you saying cheers!


Athletic Brewing Company

Athletic Brewing’s non-alcoholic beers are the closest thing we’ve found to the real deal. They offer many choices, from blonde to dark– the IPA is our jam. Grab a variety case or just a couple of your favorites for a refreshing drink (that tastes pretty darn close to the real hops). Athletic Brewing drinks can be purchased throughout Texas at H-E-B, Spec’s, Whole Foods Market, Total Wine & More, Twin Liquors, and many others. $9.99-$11.99

 Betty Buzz 20 Bottle Box

Each of Betty Buzz’s five sparkling non-alcoholic mixer flavors can be enjoyed in a specialty mocktail, cocktail or simply over ice. One bottle makes two drinks, perfect for splitting and sharing all season. With dry January on the horizon, Betty Buzz is the perfect gift to kick off the new year! Includes 20, 9oz bottles of Betty Buzz: (4) Sparkling Grapefruit, (4) Tonic Water, (4) Ginger Beer, (4) Sparkling Lemon Lime and (4) Meyer Lemon Club Soda $59.99

 Cut Above, Zero-Proof Spirits

Developed in Houston by entrepreneur and artist Andrew Raul, Cut Above is the first portfolio of true zero proof spirits intended to give drinkers control over their drinking experience. Meticulously made with all natural ingredients and flavors to replicate the nose, mouthfeel, taste and finish of a Gin, Whiskey, Agave Blanco and Mezcal, Cut Above provides drinkers the choice to reduce alcohol consumption without sacrificing the enjoyment of a properly crafted cocktail. To do so, Andrew spent nearly two years working with flavor specialists and mixologists to create a precise formula of special ingredients from around the world that could not only replicate the reactions that normally occur in distillation, but also consumption. Whether drinkers are in the mood for a fully zero proof cocktail or just decide to make it a “cut” cocktail with a mixture of Cut Above and the real thing, the choice is theirs. $34.99

Joyus Wine

If you’re an oenophile doing Dry January, you might just need a glass of vino, and you don’t have to throw in the towel on Dry January. A women-owned company, Joyus, gives you that crisp wine taste that isn’t overly sweet or too grape juicy. Their mission is simple: help people live their best sober life. From cabernet sauvignon to sparkling rosé to a crisp white wine, your palette will be surprised. Grab a bottle or get a quartet pack to try all the non-alcoholic wines they offer. $24.99

Giesen 0% Wines

Their New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is the country’s top-selling premium non-alcoholic wine. It has a hint of lime with a touch of lemon shortbread, a citrus flavor that pairs with any type of fish. Their Premium Red has notes of blackberry along with wild herbs. We also loved their Riesling, on the sweeter side. $17

Gruvi Drinks

Gruvi is the perfect thing to bring to a party during Dry January. It’s a social beverage– wine and beer options– without a hangover. They offer options from an IPA to a Sangria, all alcohol-free. Some of the drinks have as few as 26 calories. You can find them in Total Wine & More, Whole Foods, BevMo, Safeway, Target, Thrive Market and Fresh Thyme Market. $28.49


Photo by Shubhesh Aggarwal on Unsplash

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