Foodie Friday: Hash House a Go Go

by Rita Cook on June 24, 2016 in Food+Drink, Living Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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The name of this restaurant will pull you in and the “twisted farm food” concept the menu touts will keep you there.  It’s a staple in Las Vegas and San Diego among other US cities and now, the Hash House folks are also enticing the masses in the Dallas area too.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Not only bold flavors but big ones, with big plates of food that are definitely for sharing, even though I was told folks actually finish their entire plate here.  You can go for Southern and Texas fare that is exclusive to the Texas menu or choose a few other menu options found around the country.

So what do Texans like to eat?  Well, the menu suggests chicken fried steak, Texas Ranchero Benedict, fried green tomatoes and you don’t want to miss the Tractor Nachos. Then head on over to the Tractor Bar because this is where you can find an entire world of drinks that are Hash House-ocentric with a nice Texas vibe.

HH Tractor Driver Combo
Courtesy Photo

Since the folks at Hash House are all about making Texans feel right at home in their little part of the world, they also offer waffles in the shape of Texas. Texans will want to sink their teeth into the sinfully delicious banana brown sugar tractor driver combo for breakfast or the sage fried chicken and waffles for dinner.

The interior of Hash House a Go Go is a country style, funky vibe, what I will call a bit eclectic.  Don’t miss the cowhide booths and the bar area since a stop at the latter is a great place to taste something from the Bloody Mary Menu.

In order for the Hash House folks to keep it real, they tout farm fresh agriculture, live stock, and old recipes with a twist as their main theme and they serve up whatever you like whenever you like.  For example, brunch is served all day and all night.  I suggest you should sidle on up to a table on one of the screened in porches and go to town picking from the menu choices, you won’t know where to begin, or end, the food coma extravaganza.