#FoodieFriday: B&B Butchers & Restaurant Is A Cut Above The Rest

by Gabi De la Rosa on February 10, 2017 in Food+Drink, Living Texas, Houston,
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B&B Butchers and Restaurant has it all — dine in on fantastic steaks and seafood with a great view of downtown, carry-out great prepared meals or meats from their butcher shop, and now they’ll even drive you to your next destination on their own private shuttle. Let’s dive right in, because when you’re done reading this you’ll want to make a reservation of your own.  

Dining on the rooftop makes for an amazing experience with a beautiful view of the city skyline. Photo courtesy of
Dining on the rooftop makes for an amazing experience with a beautiful view of the city skyline. Photo courtesy of B&B Butchers & Restaurant

Everything from the historic building the restaurant is housed in to the different types of meats on the menu are unique and that is because owner Benjamin Berg had a vision to make a restaurant that was different from Houston’s traditional steakhouse.  During construction of B&B, pains were taken to preserve as much of the original building as possible. Exposed brick, rustic wood and even tin ceilings make the ambiance distinctive. Diners can also enjoy fantastic views of the downtown Houston skyline while eating out on the rooftop patio. Don’t worry if the weather is bad, Berg made sure the roof upstairs will open and close with the touch of a remote.

“We pride ourselves in not being like other Houston institutions – we have a little swagger,” said Berg.

One of the most popular items on the menu is bacon three ways. You will get three pieces of thick cut bacon; one piece of lamb bacon,  one piece of pork and one piece of chef Tommy’s bacon topped with blue cheese crumbles and truffle infused honey. After you taste lamb bacon, you will be a changed person – it is just the right combination of seasoning and dry aging to make a tender flavorful piece of bacon. Three Ways is so popular they now offer it to-go, so that you can take it home and cook it yourself.

Japanese imported Kobe beef cooked at the table on a Himalayan salt block.
Japanese imported Kobe beef cooked at the table on a Himalayan salt block. Photo courtesy of B&B Butchers & Restaurant

B&B Butchers prides itself in its dry-aging process. Everything is aged on premises in a room entirely lined with Himalayan sea salt blocks. The dry-age room is kept at just the right temperature, so that the meat ages to perfection.  In addition to their exclusive dry-aged beef, the restaurant also offers Wagyu and Kobe beef from Japan. There are only nine restaurants in the country that are certified to sell Japanese Wagyu beef and B&B Butchers is one of them. Ordering the dry aged Wagyu is a bit of a production – the petite pieces of meat appear tableside on a block of Himalayan sea salt that has been heated to 500 degrees. They are cooked on the block for just a couple of minutes and served immediately. The consistency is soft and buttery and the flavor is amazing – it practically melts in your mouth.

You can’t go wrong ordering any of the meat or seafood options, but don’t forget about the side dishes. It sounds simple but the corn soufflé with rajas is fantastic. The rajas give it an extra little spiciness and texture. You can’t go wrong with the classic creamed spinach and the B&B potato hash browns are a must – they are sautéed in olive oil until they are a little crispy and delicious. Everything at B&B Butchers is made in-house except for the cheesecake which is flown in from the famous S&S cheesecake in New York City. Although you can order a drink from their cocktail menu or extensive wine list, you can also ask for a pairing and sommelier Lexy Johnson will curate a wonderful pairing for your lunch or dinner.

B&B Butchers will also take you to and from all downtown theaters and venues including NRG Stadium, so that you can eat, drink and not worry about the hassle of driving. Their shuttle service is called Rare Force One and is available to anyone with a reservation at the restaurant. Once you have a meal at B&B Butchers you will want to keep coming back for more; it is a relatively new addition to the Houston food scene, but eating there is such an experience – it’s not going anywhere.