Building the Perfectly Balanced Smoothie

by KC James on August 10, 2018 in Food+Drink, Lifestyle, Wellness, Living Texas, Austin,
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We’ve all heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And never do those words ring more true than during the dogs days of a Texas summer. What we put into our bodies first thing sets our internal stage for the day—helping our energy get going, and stay going.

Many of us have busy schedules, near constant distractions and never enough time to get things done. Mornings get rushed and breakfast turns into an afterthought. The good news is, a smoothie is a quick and easy option for an on-the-go breakfast that is both healthy, delicious and packs the energy-boosting nutrition we all need. However, not all smoothies are created equal. All to often they are infused with chemical protein powders, tons of sugar and unnecessary high calorie add-ins.

To keep your morning smoothie balanced, healthy and most importantly, tasty, here are some do’s and don’ts to help you build the perfect mix whether you make it at home or pick one up on the go.

DO add nourishing ingredients

They provide energy and the necessary nutrients for your day. These are often called superfoods (something you will find plenty of at Squeezery). A superfood is defined as mostly plant-based but also can contain some fish and dairy – regarded as nutritionally dense and thus good for your health. You should also try to include all three macronutrients in your breakfast smoothie – these are protein, carbs and healthy fats. If your breakfast includes both superfoods and macronutrients, you’ll be starting the day off right!
Squeezery Pick: The Greenbelt Juice with veggies, apples and some citrus to spice it up.

Add nourishing ingredients to your morning smoothie. They will provide the energy and nutrients for your day. Photo courtesy Squeezery

DON’T add sugary supplements

By combining the right fruits, you can attain a great flavor without adding extra sugar. Fruits have natural sugar called fructose, which differs from sucrose—found in white sugar, other commercial sweeteners and protein powders. These sugars create the energy spike and crash we’re all too familiar with. (Birthday cake, anyone?) The use of natural fruits will give your smoothie sweetness and flavor with fewer calories, plus sustain your energy throughout the day.
Squeezery Pick: The Running Man Smoothie for a fruity fix.

By combining the right fruits, you can achieve a great flavor without adding extra sugar and calories.
Photo courtesy Squeezery

DO customize

If you’ve just come out of a morning spin class or you’ve gone on a six-mile run, you’re going to need different nutrients than if you’ve just rolled out of bed. To rejuvenate your muscles quicker and help you to recover from the exercise you’ll need natural sugars and protein in your smoothie. The rolled-out-of-bed version might include fewer carbs and some protein to get your metabolism kick started.
Squeezery Pick: Customize your smoothie or bowl with the Build Your Own option.

Squeezery, located at 7th and Brazos Street in downtown Austin, is also on food delivery apps including Favor, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates and DoorDash in the Austin area. Cover courtesy photo of Squeezery

A native Austinite, KC James, Executive Chef at Squeezery, returned to her roots from LA over a year ago to serve up delicious food to the city she loves the most. KC believes in food as a healer, a community builder and a source of pure joy.