Elevate Your Sushi Experience @ Sushi|Bar in Austin

by Tucker Flatt on April 29, 2022 in Food+Drink, Austin,

Sushi|Bar ATX, located in the beating heart of Austin’s popular east side, provides a different take on the typical sushi dining experience. 

Behind an unmarked door lies an intimate counter hosting 10 prized seats where lucky diners sit up close to the chef’s cutting boards. From personable chefs to delicate sushi that melts in your mouth, Sushi|Bar ATX is a unique dinner getaway. 

A squad of chefs organize to prepare the sushi. Photo Liam Brown

Not Simply Sushi 

Sushi|Bar is an interpretive take on the traditional sushi counter experience. Chefs prepare a 17-course meal that’s filled with traditional stylings and features nigiri that is enhanced with a collection of personally crafted ferments, salts, koshōs, and unique condiments. Unlike your ordinary dining experience, Sushi|Bar is an interactive occasion in which the chefs get to know you by asking questions while creating delightful masterpieces in front of you. With a server walking around making sure your cup is never empty and a culinary team in front of you, there is nonstop service to provide the most relaxing and memorable experience. 

Lead chef Ambrely Ouimette blowtorching Seared Unagi with Texas Bone Marrow. Photo Liam Brown

Hands On Dinner 

Adding on to the theme of a unique culinary creation, the architects of this meal directly hand you sushi, which adds to the interactive portion of the night — very different but very entertaining. 

The team gathers any dietary restrictions before your arrival in order to make sure nothing gets in the way of a delightful dinner. They are also more than happy to customize sushi to the customer’s needs. Chalkboard name plates in front of each person further establishes familiarity with the diners present and the custom vibe of the restaurant. 

Chefs collaborate to create Blue Fin Tartare with puff rice, sesame oil, house-fermented “Nikiri” soy, green onion, house cured ikura (salmon roe). Photo Liam Brown

Sushi on Display

Customers sit around an island and watch the chefs display their talent of sushi making. This format makes it easy for you to talk to and meet the other patrons. Additionally, the interior design of the room has the ambiance of a local Hawaiian market and helps with the sushi mood. With dimmed lighting and the intimate design, you really feel like a guest at the chef’s home table. 

Lavender-infused Big Glory King Salmon from New Zealand with sesame seeds. Photo Liam Brown

Unique and Unexpected 

While the omakase menu shifts seasonally, some of the chef’s signature dishes including Escolar with Fermented Poblano Mole, A-5 Wagyu with Kelp Butter and Miso, and Kanpachi with Truffle Shishito, Passion Fruit Compressed Pineapple, Coconut, Leeks and Mint remain a constant. Fresh fish flown in from around the world is a priority here. 

Reservations are released at noon on the first of every month and can be found here. This is one of the hottest tickets in town so plan your reservation early. 

Guests enjoying five star sushi. Photo Liam Brown

Sushi|Bar ATX: 2600 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

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Cover photo courtesy Liam Brown

Tucker Flatt loves great cuisine and can be found enjoying unagi as often as he can. He’s a member of the Class of 2026 at Texas A&M University.