Hopdoddy Great Across The State

by Natalie Gould on May 27, 2016 in Food+Drink, Living Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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In a city where burger restaurants are almost more prominent than Starbucks, it takes commitment to sort through the stale buns, the flavorless beef and the limp lettuce pieces. But if you stay with it, you’ll find a burger that is so flavorful, so spectacular that you’ll forgive the 99 others that disappointed you if it means you can keep returning to the one that makes your dreams come true. Hopdoddy Burger Bar is that one.

IMG_3589Hailing from Austin, Hopdoddy knows it has a good thing going. Boasting lines out the door at virtually all locations at all times, it’s not hurting for rave reviews. Since we can only go an allotted amount of time without our Hopdoddy fix, we visited the Addison location north of Dallas, you know, just to make sure it was as good as we remembered .

And oh, it was. We opted for the special, which was the Double Stack: beef and onion patty, cheddar cheese, another beef and onion patty, swiss cheese, tomato, red leaf lettuce, Sassy Sauce, chipotle ketchup, egg bun. Look, this is the burger you’re going to need. The one you’ve been waiting for. Dare I say it’s superior to our state’s more famous patty melt at that one fast food restaurant that rhymes with Lutaburger. Wash it down with the Lakewood seasonal saison and you’ll forget crappy burgers even exist in this world.

IMG_3592Don’t you dare forget the truffle fries. A trip to Hopdoddy is not complete without a boozy milkshake. Our waiter recommended the Nutella and chocolate pretzel shake with Frangelico added. Always trust your waiter; he or she knows what’s up. If boozy ice cream isn’t your thing, then ask for the caramel and sea salt shake and demand they add Oreos to it. Ok, ask nicely, but you get it. You’ll be writing letters to Nabisco in no time pleading, begging that they release a salted caramel version of the cookie. We digress.

Get to the closest Hopdoddy as fast as your legs—or Uber—can carry you. You’ll find them in 14 locations across Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California. If Hopdoddy is not yet in your state, write to your congressmen, your Senator, the President and Mr. Hopdoddy himself, and do not relent until they open a location near you.