#FoodieFriday: Jack & Ginger’s, Hot in Houston

by Gabi De la Rosa on January 31, 2019 in Food+Drink,
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Houston’s Midtown area has a new tenant and bar patrons all over H-Town couldn’t be happier about Jack & Ginger’s moving in.

This Irish concept pub is large with ample outdoor and indoor seating, along with areas for private parties and even a walk-in keg room surrounded by glass. With over 80 beers on tap, beer is obviously important to its customers.

“Our Austin location has a keg room that people can see into, and we realized that people really liked it, so we made sure that we had the same thing here, in Houston’s Midtown,” said Managing Partner Kendall Foy. “Our Austin location has a similar menu, but we noticed that Houston foodies like things a little different, so we have tweaked the menu a bit. We are learning everyday and leading with something new, but so far we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Jack& Ginger’s Irish pub newly in Midtown Houston has over 80 beers on tap. Courtesy photo

Sports fans will appreciate all the TVs broadcasting sports found throughout. And, with the popularity of soccer in Houston, Jack & Ginger’s does not disappoint. As the local Arsenal fan club knows, games are broadcast live whether at 8 in the morning or 8 at night. Beer fans will love all of the beers on tap and foodies will eat up the menu. Although those who want a taste of Ireland will get their due, everyone will find something to appreciate.

I started out with a basket of house-made chips and dips. The chips were crisp, had great color and were served with house-made French onion dip and Irish smoke cheddar pub cheese. I have to say that both dips were delicious, so much so that I asked Executive Chef Lorenzo Rivera about them.

“Our pub cheese is very popular and people don’t realize how much goes into it. It starts out with Shiner Bock beer, American cheese and salt and pepper. It is double-boiled for 3 hours before it is ready – that really gets the flavors in there,” said Chef Rivera. “About 85% of the menu is made from scratch,” he added. “I like to know what I am cooking and what goes into the food.”

There are so many different food and drink combos to explore at Jack & Ginger’s. Courtesy photo

Up next was the Jumbo Local Pretzel and I have to say that I would travel near and far to eat this pretzel again. I loved every bite of it… my only complaint is that it was so big I couldn’t finish the entire thing. The pretzel comes with a choice of salty toppings: classic pretzel, ghost pepper, truffle or chili lime salt. I chose to have one half classic pretzel and one half truffle salt. Both were delicious. The pretzel also came with honey mustard dipping sauce and the famous pub cheddar cheese dip – I found them to be a bit unnecessary because the pretzel was so good on its own.

The Jumbo Local Pretzel is a must at Jack & Ginger’s Irish pub. Courtesy photo

Ginger’s Shepherd Pie was a recommendation, so I decided to go with it and am glad I did. The large tureen came out topped with fluffy mashed potatoes and inside was a delicious medley of seasonal vegetables and braised short rib. It is a dish that will fill you up and keep you coming back for more.

Union Venture Group, the hospitality group that opened Jack & Ginger’s is set to open 77 Degrees, a multi-level patio lounge directly above Jack & Ginger’s. Already under construction, the lounge promises a different vibe with the same attention to detail that Jack & Ginger’s already provides. “We are excited about 77 Degrees opening upstairs. I think people will like that they can visit two places in one stop,” said Foy.

Get ready Houston, this Midtown location is going to be where it is at in 2019.

Cover photo courtesy Jack & Ginger’s

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