#FoodieFriday: Make Your Reservation, Guard and Grace Houston

by Gabi De la Rosa on February 28, 2020 in Food, Houston,
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There are so many steakhouses to choose from, but Guard and Grace makes the argument that one really good steakhouse is more than enough.

In case you hadn’t heard – Guard and Grace Houston is open for business. If you don’t have a reason to go into downtown Houston, this restaurant just might beckon you there. Five years in the making, Guard and Grace is finally here and home to not only the headline-making Millionaire Fajitas (that will set you back a cool $400), but some of the finest food and ambiance you’ll find in Houston.

At Houston’s Guard and Grace, guests will find it all: beautiful views, delicious food and ultra chic atmosphere. Photo Public Content

Located in One Allen Center, the restaurant is the brainchild of chef and owner Troy Guard, who had a vision for a modern steakhouse. Named after his daughter Grace, the restaurant boasts three kitchens (one reserved for private dining only), stunning floor-to-ceiling views, and art by local Houston muralist Jessica Rice. Guests can take in the fulsome display of the Charcuterie Bar and Raw Bar, as well as the open kitchen concept. One of the main focal points of the restaurant are the 4,600 copper bronze rods hanging from the ceiling. Lore has it that 4,600 is the exact elevation of Guard’s famed restaurant in Denver, Colorado, but no matter the reason – they are a site to behold.

Including the Chilled Seafood Tower, guests enjoy a robust menu of surf and turf options. Photo Marc Piscotty

The Guard and Grace menu is a lot to take in, but the knowledgeable wait staff will take you on a thorough tour. One of the menu standouts is the Alaskan Black Cod which has been on Chef Guard’s menu in some form for over 10 years. It is marinated in tamari and brown sugar, and served over charred broccolini, with sweet soy butter and sesame seeds. This dish is a stunner – the fish practically melts in your mouth, and the overall flavor really showcases the Pacific Rim influences from Guard’s time in Hawaii.

Can’t decide on which steak to order? No worries, because this may be the only restaurant in Houston where you can enjoy a filet flight. Four ounces of three different grades of beef deliciously prepared – I am partial to the prime filet, but all of them are flavorful. The Guard and Grace menu offers three grades of beef: prime, Angus and wagyu.

The restaurant’s signature drink, Garden Grace, is made with juiced carrots, Chef Guard’s favorite veggie.
Photo Public Content

With the exception of wagyu, steaks are seasoned with the restaurant’s 26 ingredient proprietary blend steak rub – the secret sauce, if you will. The steaks are then topped with a mixture of butter and demi sauce, as well as an heirloom roasted carrot. Carrots are a theme throughout the menu, because they are Chef Guard’s favorite vegetable. Even the cocktail menu is in on the carrot action. The restaurant’s signature drink, Garden Grace, is made with carrot juice.

Although Guard and Grace offers a great wine menu, the cocktails should not be overlooked, because they are as artfully prepared as the food. Overseen by co-owner and Beverage Director Nikki Guard, there are a wide variety of both spirits and preparations.

If you have to choose between ending your meal or having dessert, always choose dessert. The brief dessert menu will end your Guard and Grace experience on a high note. Troy Guard and Houston diners both had high hopes for his splashy steakhouse, and so far he has exceeded expectations—and then some.

Guard and Grace: 500 Dallas St. Houston, TX 77002

Cover photo courtesy Guard and Grace

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