Rediscover History With Krause’s Cafe

by Leeza Dennis on April 14, 2017 in Food+Drink,
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Krause’s Café: the restaurant that had me, a long-time meat hater, happily eat beef. And chicken. And, okay, pork. While Krause’s does provide vegetarian friendly options, trust us when we say that the traditional German dishes – schnitzel, bratentaschen, sausage – are the way to go.

The Jager Schnitzel is a hallmark of German Cuisine. Krause's serves it well, with perfectly whipped mashed potatoes and caramelized red cabbage.
The Jager Schnitzel is a hallmark of German Cuisine. Krause’s serves it well, with perfectly whipped mashed potatoes and caramelized red cabbage.

The recent addition to New Braunfels’ main plaza not only honors the town’s German heritage and traditions, but reinvigorates them. Rob Snider, founder of Krause’s and the famous New Braunfels Farmers’ Market, sought to recreate a favorite of the past – “Gene’s Place”. In 1938, Gene Krause opened “Gene’s Place”, and it remained a staple in the community until the late 90s. Now, nearly 20 years later, Snider hopes to re-establish the German Bierhalle and Biergarten to its former glory.  If you visit on a Saturday, your experience with Krause’s Café begins before you enter. Beside the restaurant’s 11,000-square-foot venue is the Farmers’ Market, and visitors for both intermingle and collide, the frenetic atmosphere welcoming you to join in on the festivities. This was a purposeful move made by Snider.

“We wanted to make sure that the staple of Krause’s Café was community, just like it was in the old days. People would walk in as strangers, and leave as friends,” said Snider. ‘Community’ is the most apparent theme in Krause’s aesthetic. The elegant, open-air biergarten is filled with long, German-style bierhall tables and benches, putting you face to face with your fellow guests. Lining the high ceilings are colorful banners showcasing the crests of New Braunfels’ founding families, and as they flutter in the wind, you feel as if you’ve gone back in time.

You'll have a hard time choosing from Krause's 70+ beer selection.
You’ll have a hard time choosing from Krause’s 70+ beer selection. Local, regional, international – they have it all.

When given the menu, the first thing you may notice is the formidable variety of beers on tap. 70 beers, in fact – local, regional, and international options all for your choosing. If you’re not a beer person, then we recommend a sizable glass of sangria. But just in case you change your mind, consider the beer flights of three for $7.

For a starter, we recommend the Kartoffel Poppers. These inconspicuous potato balls pack a punch, and their heated texture combine nicely with the cold apple sauce they’re served with. While there are several delicious options to pick for an entrée, our favorite was the Jager Schnitzel. The nicely portioned pork steak was lightly breaded and served with a flavorful mushroom sauce, and we can say with confidence that Krause’s schnitzel is up there with the best. While Krause’s is sure to be a rising star in New Braunfels’, it shouldn’t stop there. This is a place worth travelling to, fellow Texans. So, when you have the chance, make sure to stop by!

Location: 186 S Castell Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130
Hours: Friday to Saturday – 11 AM to 12 AM/ Sunday to Monday – 11 AM to 10 PM