#FoodieFriday: Sweet Gluten-Free Surprises from SorBabes Gourmet Sorbet

by Julie Tereshchuk on October 2, 2020 in Food,
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Founded by two moms who started selling out of farmer’s markets back in 2013, SorBabes has broken the rules of sorbet and added an indulgence factor to this centuries old dessert.

Today, founders Nicole Cardone and Deborah Gorman are on a tear through Texas. Currently sold at HEBs in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, their sorbets are dairy- and gluten-free. Uniquely crafted with nut butters to make sorbet as rich as ice cream, SorBabes also mixes in toppings like chocolate chunks and jammy swirls to their fruit flavors.

Now, with SorBabes help, we’ve gone beyond their delightful bars and pints to bring you a selection of irresistible recipes. From heart-healthy desserts to frosty cocktails and mocktails, impossibly good gourmet sorbet is your new secret ingredient!

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Cocoa Haze Tart

This tart is a super elegant, fancy pants kind of dessert and it challenges everything you think you know about sweets and plant-based foods. It will seriously blow your mind.

SorBabes Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches that just happen to be dairy- and gluten-free! For this classic treat with a modern twist, mix and match to find your perfect combination.

Birthday Cake

There are very few things in this world better than birthday cake. Except, maybe, a rainbow ice cream birthday cake. It’s great for a crowd, gluten- and dairy-free and it’ll serve about 18 of your favorite people.

Bon Bons and Pops

These little pops and bonbons are another fun way to have some plant-based dessert fun!

Café Almond Affogato

Try this take on a classic Affogato! Almond liqueur is dairy-free and delicious; a perfect partner for Café Almond SorBabes and espresso.

Lemon Cranberry Cocktail

It will soon be the season for sipping bubbles, even if we’re all doing it virtually. This is the way to make sure yours is the best party!

Cover photo courtesy SorBabes

Julie Tereshchuk is the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Lifestyle Magazine and loves a frozen treat.