The Dynamic Couple Behind Austin’s Wunderkeks

by Leean Vargas on January 15, 2021 in Food+Drink, Austin,

This married couple picked up their lives from Guatemala and settled into their new home by following the dream of starting their business.

Wunderkeks is an online bakery born in Guatemala and raised in Austin, Texas sprinkling classic cookie recipes with a modern, fun flair. Founders Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo are the dynamic duo behind these #bestcookiesever.

Founded in 2012 in Guatemala City, and now baking their cookies and brownies in Austin, Wunderkeks is based on the idea that childlike joy is a value to uphold. Photo courtesy Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo

You may have caught the pair in farmers markets around ATX in their infancy. But business exploded when the cancellation of SXSW forced them to sell 25,000 cookies to avoid impending financial doom.

Supportive Austinites stepped up with offers to stock their cookies in shops and Hollywood actor Busy Phillipps helped their Twitter feed go viral. Life gave them lemons and these entrepreneurs made (pink) lemonade. Wunderkeks have proven them as innovators, growing from selling dozens at farmer’s markets to shipping nationwide to tens of thousands of satisfied treat-lovers. These cookies and brownies in their signature pink box are love at first bite. Try them, and you’ll see!

Hans Schrei has been baking since he was four years old and has a background in marketing and design. He’s the mastermind behind Wunderkek’s look, feel and taste. Photo courtesy Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo

We caught up with this dynamic duo to discuss life in business together, especially during a pandemic.

How did you meet?

We met on Tinder! We moved around in the same circles so we knew about each other’s existence but we had never actually met.

When and why did you start your business?

Hans was already running Wunderkeks back in Guatemala when we met, but he was struggling with the load by himself. Initially, Luis was just the support system, but over time it made more and more sense to have him be fully a part of Wunderkeks. When we decided to set up shop in Austin in 2018, we made it into a full, equal partnership. 

Luis Gramajo has wide experience managing sales at retailers, both for major CPG companies and for Wunderkeks. He’s also a photographer. Photo courtesy Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo

We decided to bring Wunderkeks to Austin because we wanted the kind of life where we could just be us and not have to think too much about it. We also loved this city and all its colors, and knew it was a great match. Somewhere, knew we’d find inspiration and support for whatever crazy idea we came up with ..

What have you learned about each other?

We have realized that we are very similar in the things that matter, like our values or our disposition for hard work, while being completely different in a lot of other things. As the company has grown, we’ve found the differences to be a great asset. 

Hans loves a spreadsheet, while Luis is the type that can talk to rocks. Hans is all technical and number-ey, Luis has a way with managing staff. So we’re very seldom in each other’s way, and we never feel like we’re competing to be the star of the show. 

Wunderkeks’ mission statement is to “nurture the inner child.” Photo courtesy Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo

How are you handling the current 24/7 togetherness?

It took a while! Most couples have the “See you tonight, Honey” and the “How was your day?” We don’t. When we first moved to a new city, not knowing anyone, it was tough. What we ended up doing was getting couples counseling, and it was the best money we’ve ever spent. People see it as a last resort, but we’ve found that it’s a great tool to use preemptively. Our therapist helped us to see what the other’s hopes, fears and burdens were when it was tough to realize that we both had our own.

Would you go into business together again?


Cover photo courtesy Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo

Leean Vargas is an Editorial Assistant at Texas Lifestyle Magazine and an honors graduate of
Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.