#FoodieFriday: There’s A Store For That

by Adam Zoblotsky on September 27, 2019 in Food+Drink, Dallas/Fort Worth,
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Foxtrot Delivery Market is skillfully crafting a new kind of corner store experience. 

Highly curated for a modern lifestyle, that’s Foxtrot. This neighborhood treasure has many of my must-wants and daily cravings. They have successfully mastered the #ClutchLunch with an easy to maneuver Grab and Go. Simply put, I love this super-modern-urban-chic-micro-niche-market. 

On a recent visit for my oat milk latte, I discovered a thing or two about scented candles in the far corner of the McKinney Avenue store. How did they curate what I consider to be some of my favorite items? And, more importantly, where have they been all my life? Foxtrot fill a much-needed void; where else can you pick up a bottle of wine and snag a bacon-topped glazed-donut?

Years ago, in the early mornings at Dean & Deluca’s SoHo store at Broadway and Prince, I could spend at least an hour sipping coffee, nibbling on nosh, laughing it up with a friend and planning my dinner at the epicurean flagship. It was for some, including myself, a daily New York City realignment, or a moment of self-serving culinary pleasure. It was the shot of espresso to start the day or the sounding bell for the weekend and it was divine.

That’s the feeling at Foxtrot. They had me hooked from the start and they probably will have you ordering from their app on a weekly basis. Nothing lasts forever, though, as the fall of the once mighty Dean & Deluca teaches us. So, gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Or, for me, oat milk latte. Here’s a tiny taster of what awaits you.

Back in the day in NYC, early mornings for coffee at Dean & Deluca in SoHo was a daily right of passage. The soon-to-be-famous “bike wall” and overall experience at Foxtrot Market serves the same purpose. You will be hooked, and rightfully so. Photo Adam Zoblotsky
The Foxtrot Grab & Go is ideal when you are in need of a #ClutchLunch in a hurry that’s flavorful and healthy. Photo Adam Zoblotsky
In the store or on the Foxtrot app there’s also Lifestyle and Gifting. Ranging from candles and sprays to vinyl and bouquets. Photo Adam Zoblotsky

Find Foxtrot Delivery Market in Dallas (Uptown) and Chicago, with more stores coming soon.

Cover photo: Enjoying a flavorful avocado toast during a recent visit. Photo Adam Zoblotsky

Adam Zoblotsky is Publisher at Foodscene Magazine and Creative Director at Restaurant Pixel, a Texas-based design and photography agency.