This Austin Food Truck Wants to Be Your Seafood “Huckleberry”

by Britni Rachal on February 5, 2021 in Food+Drink, Austin,

A spacious outdoor atmosphere and some of the freshest seafood make Huckleberry a delightful choice for a quick, weeknight dinner.

Coupling your experience with some taproom tasting is another option, as the food truck is conveniently located in Circle Brewing’s parking lot. Or maybe, you just need a nice excuse to get out of the house after a long day of WFH.

Regardless of your motivations, dining at Huckleberry is a great (and tasty) way to support a business whose owners boldly (and responsibly) followed through with the launch of their new food truck last June. (They planned for March, originally, not knowing their plans would coincide with a pandemic hitting.)

Owners Davis Turner and Melinda Reese opened their popular northwest Austin food truck in June 2020, despite the pandemic. Photo courtesy Huckleberry

Careful Sourcing

Locally owned and operated by David Turner and Melinda Reese, what impresses me most about Huckleberry is not just the freshness of the seafood (and the friendliness of the staff and owners) but the fact that the seafood is traceable. The owners know exactly where each piece of fish, shrimp, and crab came from, including what day it was caught. And they have close ties to the fishermen who catch the food. In fact, all food from Huckleberry is carefully and sustainably sourced, either from local farms, ranches or Gulf Coast waters.

The Huckleberry Gulf Coast Fish Sandwich is a fan favorite. It pairs beautifully with a pint from Circle Brewing, conveniently located next to the food truck.
Photo courtesy Huckleberry

A Menu with Mexican Flair

Even more, Huckleberry’s menu is fun, flavorful, and puts a slight Mexican twist on seafood. One of my favorite items is the Crab Quesadilla, which is much crispier than typical quesadillas. Fried and made with Gulf Coast blue crab, corn tortillas, Oaxaca cheese, and pico de gallo, the quesadillas have a Mexican flair with a fresh seafood taste.

With Gulf Coast blue crab, corn tortillas, Oaxaca cheese and pico de gallo, the Crab Quesadillas have a Mexican flair with a fresh seafood taste.
Photo courtesy Huckleberry

The classic item on the menu is the Fish Sandwich, which is the original dish that started the business. Turner, who cooked with Texas culinary names like Aaron Franklin and Andrew Wiseheart of Contigo, says he was inspired by his grandma’s cooking, growing up in South Texas. Made with fried Gulf black drum and served on a Barton Springs Mill cornmeal bun, the sandwich is a true testament to the food truck’s commitment to keep all things local. The pickles, tomato, lettuce, onions, and lemon caper remoulade are incredibly fresh, leaving a lasting impression that’s both light and rich. Even though the sandwich is fried, because of the freshness and locally sourced food, the meal felt like clean eating – yet a total treat. It is truly made to perfection. If you are craving something spicier, Huckleberry also offers a Hot Fish Sandwich, which includes Huckleberry’s Coastal Hot Sauce.”

The newest menu item is a great appetizer. Huckleberry’s Blackened Brussel Sprouts are crispy, blackened sprouts served with lemon and lemon caper remoulade. The crispiness of these Brussels and the attention to detail in cooking them to perfection really makes them stand out, along with the slight seafood taste from the remoulade sauce. Also, if you love salty snacks, chances are you will love them.

Be sure to show up at Huckleberry with an appetite. Portions are generous, including the popular Shrimp Platter. Courtesy photo

Safe Dining Options for All

In light of current times, Huckleberry provides a great atmosphere for physical distancing. The food truck staff masks up, operates cashless, and takes a noticeable and respectful distance as they serve tables with food.

Also, if seafood isn’t your entire families’ favorite, they have a special burger night on Thursdays. Exclusive to one night a week, the burgers are made of quarter pound Angus beef patties with Huckleberry sauce and your choice of fresh garnishes.

Catering is another option. The food truck may only have opened last June, but years before, Huckleberry was primarily a catering business. Today, with a parking lot full of abundant parking, Huckleberry sits in easy reach of the Domain.

Huckleberry: 2340 W Braker Lane, Austin, TX 78758

Cover photo courtesy Huckleberry

Britni Rachal lives in Austin, Texas. She is a freelance journalist, full-time marketer, and a Realtor®. In addition to writing, Rachal enjoys traveling, event planning, fashion, fitness and serving the Austin community.