How Austin’s Wunderkeks Made it to the Oscars.

by Bebe Brown on March 18, 2022 in Food+Drink, Austin, Film,

So, how did this immigrant and queer-owned bakery go from the farmer’s markets in Austin, TX to Hollywood’s biggest night?

The dreams of two young Guatemalan boys are finally coming true! Wunderkeks founders, Hans and Luis, have been working their entire lives for a moment like this, and it doesn’t matter who wins, this already feels like a victory to them! Growing up in a developing world with little connection to the bright lights, Hollywood felt so far away that it may as well be another planet! To literally put their product in the hands of the stars is a huge milestone.

And you can celebrate along with them without waiting for Oscar night (March 27) as they’ve released an Oscar-appropriate red carpet box of 10 gold leaf-covered brownies, available online.

Red carpet ready! Wunderkeks founders Luis (left) and Hans with their four-legged kids. Photo courtesy Wunderkeks

Yes, Wunderkeks brownies will soon be in the hands of Hollywood’s most talented actors and directors. How’s that going to happen? Well, these deliciously decadent bites were chosen to be one of the products included in the “EveryoneWins” Nominee Gift Bags that independently given to all acting and directing Oscar® Nominees such as Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Stewart and Steven Spielberg.

Wunderkeks’ first brush with Hollywood came at the very beginning of the pandemic, back in 2020, after SXSW got canceled. This left the Austin bakers with 25,000 cookies ready to be baked and no big-crowd event to bring them to. They made a quick pivot to e-commerce and started trying to spread the word all over social media. Their plight came to the attention of actress Busy Phillips, who, with a single tweet saved their company. (And their ability to legally stay in the US!)

Hans and Luis enjoying some light-hearted time in downtown Austin, their adopted home. Photo courtesy Wunderkeks

What could have been a disaster for Wunderkeks became the opportunity of a lifetime. With the help of Ms. Phillips (who Hans and Luis half-jokingly refer to as their “Hollywood Fairy Godmother”), her tweet made them go viral for the first time. Next thing Wunderkeks was being written about in the likes of Vanity Fair and The Wall Street Journal. They and went through their original inventory and more in less than three weeks! To this day, Hans and Luis don’t know if Ms. Phillips knows the role she has played in their company’s success, but what they do know is that they will forever be grateful to her!

No need to wait until Oscar night to celebrate. Wunderkeks’ limited edition “Red Carpet Fudgiest Brownies Ever” are available now online! Courtesy photo

Fast forward to current times. A casual tour of their kitchen paired with a lively conversation over cookies with Heidi Okla from Austin digital media outlet Do512Family garnered an introduction and the opportunity to present their “Fudgiest Brownies Ever” (a gold leaf-covered special edition) in their iconic pink box to Distinctive Assets who were blown away by the whole Wunderkeks experience. And the fateful words were uttered: “It would be a shame not to include your incredible products in the gift bags this year”.

The best part is that Hans and Luis want to celebrate with everyone and now you will also have the chance to spoil and treat yourself like the celebrities!! The limited edition “Red Carpet Fudgiest Brownies Ever” contains 10 gold leaf-covered brownies inside the iconic pink box. Buy them here

Make sure to snatch this trophy and feel like the winner you are, because these limited-edition brownies are definitely worth a bite! See you at the red carpet and make sure to dress to impress!

Cover photo courtesy Wunderkeks