How to Celebrate National Tequila Day Like a Texan

by Daniel Ramirez on July 24, 2017 in Food+Drink, Living Texas, Austin,

There is a known element of pride in nearly every Texan, whether native-born or transplanted. We like things from other places, but when it’s from here, it’s just better. Queso from other places might be alright (even if it’s from Arkansas), but we all know that Torchy’s Queso is better. Beer from Milwaukee might be fine, too; but we all know Shiner rules supreme. And let’s not even start talking about barbecue. Despite noble attempts in Missouri and the Carolinas (or some other attempts in California and even New York City), barbecue from Texas is the best around.

So, it should come as no surprise to any Texan that if tequila from Mexico is good, tequila from Texas would be better.

“But tequila only comes from Mexico,” you might say. And you’re well-informed for saying so. That being said, tequila is produced in Jalisco, but, like any good liquor, is curated and crafted by a combination of processes. These vary from farm to farm in the region and give each tequila its distinctive taste, texture, proof and flavor profile. Tequilas are like snowflakes or Texans – no two are alike. So, when a native Texan and Austinite was looking to get into the game, he wanted something as laid back and easygoing as the Austin area is. Scott Willis tasted more tequila than is likely safe and partnered with one of the most respected producers/brands/farms in the region, suggesting course corrections for a specific outcome and adding an extra distillation to create a Texas masterpiece – Tequila 512.

Tequila 512 SunsetWhere some tequilas require a refined palate or challenge the drinker with their complexity, Willis wanted and achieved the ideal everyman tequila. As smooth and languid as the city of Austin, Tequila 512 is more than an on-ramp for novice tequila drinkers. It delivers a clean and bright flavor that doesn’t burn one’s throat with overproofing, alongside an agave clarity that reminds one of precisely what tequila is made of – a note that is often lost on some brands. Indeed, it could very well be the official tequila of Austin, were there such a thing. After all, it’s fun, plays well with other flavors and stands out from the crowd, just like its namesake city.

And in keeping with other products from Texas, Tequila 512 is just better than other offerings.

So, on this National Tequila Day, raise a shot, a margarita or a paloma and toast with a ‘Texas tequila’ – available at all Maudie’s, Spec’s, Twin Liquors and Texas Lifestyle Magazine staff liquor cabinets.