Komodo: Southeast-Asian Inspired Restaurant Brings Miami Concept to Dallas

by Britni Rachal on May 19, 2023 in Food+Drink,

Komodo is brand-new to Dallas and with its 23,000 square-foot space, it’s now one of the largest two-story restaurants within the area.

The southeast-Asian inspired restaurant opened its Dallas location in April, helping to further elevate what’s known as The Epic Development within the city’s Deep Ellum district.

Photo courtesy Kevin Marple.

A concept from David Grutman and Groot Hospitality, Komodo’s original restaurant is in Miami. The new Dallas location is the second for Komodo and the first located outside of the South Florida region. With eye-catching red décor, when you walk into the restaurant you’ll immediately be immersed in your ultra-contemporary surroundings, including bamboo columns and pops of color. Though Komodo is a restaurant, in addition to its fine dining, the space is also a buzzing social atmosphere.

Wagyu beef is a large portion of Komodo’s Texas menu. Photo courtesy Ashley Estave.

Variety is a theme within Komodo’s food menu. Small plates, shared plates, main plates, Texas Wagyu, and Japanese Wagyu dominate the menu. Some notable favorites include the salmon tacos, which are the perfect savory combination, served with avocado, truffle, and eel sauce. Komodo also features a full sushi bar, full of fresh sushi options, but my very favorite from the sushi bar is the Wagyu roll, a unique and different way to experience and savor the Wagyu that dominates Komodo’s menu.

Another fun fact? Komodo Miami ranked as the 2022 top-grossing restaurant in the U.S. Not to say everything is bigger in Texas, but the Dallas restaurant is 5,500 square feet larger than the original location, and seats 274 diners.

The Pretty Fly for a Cacti drink features patron silver tequila, prickly pear, and sriracha. Photo courtesy Ashley Estave.

Described on Komodo’s websites as an immersion that “feels extra energetic and finely calibrated between Miami’s tropical allure and Dallas’ urbane-Texan verve” – I would definitely agree. A menu full of signature cocktails with Texas themed names, including everything from “East Meets to West” to “Not My First Rodeo” to “Dude Ranch” also await.

Komodo’s food menu features a variety of Southwest inspired-Asian creations and
combinations. Photo courtesy Ashley Estave.

Dessert is also a must with menu items including sweet offerings like a Matcha Sugar Donut Jewel Box, including flavors of miso caramel, matcha whipped cream, and passion fruit panko. A trio of mochi sorbet also rotates flavors, based on chef’s favorite. A cheesecake called the Banana Pagoda is also a notable item, which includes a five-spiced wafer and salted caramel ice cream. Komodo Dallas is located at 2550 Pacific Avenue, and reservations can be made online.


Cover photo courtesy Kevin Marple.

Britni Rachal lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She is a fifth generation Texan, a full-time automotive marketer, and a freelance journalist. In addition to writing, Britni enjoys volunteering, traveling, and fashion.