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by Daniel Ramirez on November 24, 2017 in Food+Drink, Gift Guides, Lifestyle, Home, Living Texas, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio,
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Combine yesterday’s feast and the profound amount of energy it took to cook, clean and entertain with today’s shopping adventures – we saw many of you out, braving lines and the weather and the chaos – and there has rarely been a better time to save yourself any further work by landing on the couch, remote in hand. And, although there are likely leftovers to feed a football team or three, it’s not out of the question to lack the desire for the same meal three times in a row. It presents the classic conundrum – replaying the same food you worked yourself to exhaustion to prepare versus braving the traffic and lines on Texas roads to order something different.

Thankfully (because we can never be too thankful), at a launch party in Austin, Texas Lifestyle was introduced to the ideal solution. Making post-Thanksgiving activity completely voluntary, Facebook introduced a new way to have food delivered. Partnering with established food delivery services like Favor and GrubHub, Facebook now has an “Order Food” tab available from within the Facebook page and app, which allows you to not only look at what food is available for delivery nearby, but begin the process from within the system. The benefit of the food delivery service activation is more than the convenience of couch-based ordering. Facebook brings reviews and the experience of trusted friends to the experience, which is more reliable and relevant than even the most experienced food critic (Texas Lifestyle critics notwithstanding).

Seeing the application in action, there aren’t any easier methods to have food delivered. Facebook hands off your order from within the “Order Food” tab to a delivery partner, at no cost to you, and the food of your choice can be at your doorstep with minimal effort from you, allowing for maximum relaxation. With over 700 restaurants available throughout the Central Texas area, there are myriad options, including some of the more desirable or wait-intensive restaurants in the Austin area. Michi Ramen, Freedmen’s Bar and the most enviable Via313 are all now available through Facebook. And the social nature of Facebook allows that you can see what your friends have had delivered and liked, before deciding to have food brought to you. Users can choose by recommendation, by popularity or by type of cuisine. However one chooses to order from within Facebook, the new service can deliver.

Gery Gutnik, Product Manager leading the food and drink team at Facebook is aware of the demand in the Austin area, particularly during this time of college and professional football intensity, as well as the new NCAA and NBA basketball seasons. “Everyone is glued to TVs watching their favorite teams,” Gutnik explains. “We’re in Austin to help make your viewing parties a success now that you can order food with Facebook.”

Magnified onto a big screen, attendees explore the easiest way to have food delivered. Photo Credit: Katrina Barber
Magnified onto a big screen, attendees explore the easiest way to have food delivered. Photo Credit: Katrina Barber

Their own viewing party, held at Rattle Inn while the Texas Longhorns dismantled their opponents handily, was undoubtedly an indication of the relative ease with which the great cuisines in Texas can be brought to your door, saving all the work and all the great Thanksgiving leftovers for another day. All of this starts, as demonstrated at Facebook’s party, by merely clicking on “Start Order” from within the “Order Food” tab.

Ordering food – even from Chilantro – from your phone has rarely been this easy. Photo Credit: Katrina Barber.
Ordering food – even from Chilantro – from your phone has rarely been this easy. Photo Credit: Katrina Barber.
Access "Order Food" from the "More" tab within Facebook.
Access “Order Food” from the “More” tab within Facebook.

As an added convenience, Gutnik elaborates on just how much time and effort can be saved, suggesting that the service, launched in early October, can be used to schedule meal delivery to your home while you’re still headed in that direction. Your food can arrive just after you do, if scheduled right. So, even if you’re braving the pre-Christmas shopping, the new service can relieve the pressure of even turning on the microwave. Still, the most convenient feature of Facebook’s method of ordering and delivering food is that the user, whether still stationed on the couch or making your way toward it, does not need to download any new app or change the way they interact with the internet in order to use it. Active in all of Facebook’s iterations, right now, there is nothing you need to do to access this new service.

We couldn’t think of any more reason to turn on the television, put on some Christmas movies or some football, and make the most of the day by making the least amount of effort.

Facebook’s “Order Food” is available now, with a growing number of delivery options and an ever-increasing restaurant lineup, from the Facebook app or however you access Facebook.