Prohibition Creamery Keeps Austin Boozy With Alcoholic Ice Cream

by By Natalie K. Gould on August 25, 2017 in Food+Drink, Living Texas, Austin,
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What do you get when you combine your favorite liquor with some of Austin’s best ice cream? Prohibition Creamery.

I walked into Prohibition Creamery on a sweltering Wednesday afternoon with no expectations. Okay, I expected boozy ice cream, but I didn’t know what else would await me.

Prohibition Creamery on East 7th. Photo by Kim Hudson.

Prohibition Creamery is located in one of those old East 7th houses that looks like it was specifically built to be an Austin dining establishment. It’s quaint and cozy, filled with lots of dark wood and old-fashioned ice cream parlor charm. You’ll notice the well-appointed bar, which may seem out of place at an ice cream shop, but this isn’t your run of the mill ice cream stand.

The first thing I tasted wasn’t actually ice cream, but a cocktail called The Burnt Orange. It is a completely unique cocktail that is equally refreshing as it is boozy. Tito’s, burnt orange peel, lemon juice, mint and soda combine to create a bubbly drink tailor-made for summer in Austin.

This is just one of many inventive cocktails on the Prohibition cocktail menu. You’ll find fun twists on your favorites, such as the French 77 ½ and the Austin Palmer. You don’t anticipate walking into an ice cream shop and discovering a solid cocktail program, but that’s Prohibition Creamery.

The menu at Prohibition is any ice cream lover’s dream. Everything is completely homemade, from the boozy ice cream recipes, to the best vanilla ice cream I’ve tasted in Austin, to the house made cookie dough bites and cocktail mixers. There is actually no bad choice at this grownup ice cream parlor. And let’s get one thing straight: this isn’t ice cream that just tastes like liquor—it’s ice cream with an ABV(alcohol by volume).

If you can’t decide what to order, go for the flight, which changes on a regular basis. Check Instagram for the latest offerings. You can also forgo the traditional cone for a milkshake or a scoop with a shot of your favorite liqueur poured over top. However, that no one should ever pass up a homemade waffle cone, especially this one.

Laura Aidan, the owner of Prohibition Creamery, east Austin’s boozy ice cream parlor. Photo by Kim Hudson

Owner Laura Aidan is committed to quality recipes and ingredients. Growing up watching her mom and grandmother cook from scratch, inspires her vision for Prohibition. She attended the Penn State Berkey Creamery ice cream program to learn the ins and outs of professional ice cream making. On July 19, 2016, she officially opened Prohibition Creamery on East 7th Street.

Prohibition has something for the entire family and for every taste. There are always vegan and gluten free options. Boozy choices include mezcal vanilla, tiramisu (the fan and owner favorite), whiskey chocolate (my personal favorite), bourbon, pecan buttered rum, and even beer. Classic flavors feature cookie dough, dark chocolate sorbet and an outstanding vanilla. Any variety of toppings complement the flavors, including homemade marshmallows, espresso fudge, salted caramel sauce and bourbon whipped cream.

Stop by to grab a scoop, a cocktail and a selfie with boozy sloth, Sir Theodore Benjamin III. Oh, and don’t miss happy hour Tuesday through Friday from 3 to 7 p.m.


Natalie K. Gould is an Austin-based writer who loves ice cream almost as much as she loves bourbon. You can find her documenting her food adventures on her Instagram, Dear Food Girls.