Texas Essentials: 10-Year-Old Kai Walker, Baker and Houston Business Owner

by Gracie Watt on August 6, 2020 in Food+Drink, Living Texas, Houston,
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What started as a father-daughter hobby in the kitchen soon turned into the successful, keto-friendly business for 10-year-old Houstonian Makai “Kai” Walker.

Now, this focused tween runs Kai’s Kookies, a “customer-focused keto, vegan and gluten-free bakery serving delicious baked goods,” as she and her supportive family love to say. Having dietary restrictions herself, Kai knew that it was important to keep customers’ allergens and dietary needs as a top priority when making her tasty treats.

Kai Walker’s original recipe was the keto-friendly cookie. Today, the 10-year-old’s Houston-based business, Kai’s Kookies, also makes savory recipes such as tamales. Courtesy photo

Kai remembers finding her passion for baking very early on, as she baked her first cake alongside her mom, Taneka Walker, when she was only 2 years old. Her dad, Roderick Walker, explains that Kai had started baking solo by the time she was 6 years old, and she already had many recipes memorized. Kai soon convinced her mom to let her turn this parent-bonding time into a business—and it took off.

The young baker explains everything it takes to be an entrepreneur in her business: baking, selling, buying the ingredients, even giving sales presentations, and much more. She is no stranger to the business world now, and has learned a lot in the years she’s been in the trade. As a Girl Scout, Kai also had some previous experience in selling cookies.

Kai’s parents Roderick and Taneka Walker support her dreams and help her operate her successful and health-centered business, Kai’s Kookies. Photo courtesy Kai’s Kookies

“Kai has had a tremendous evolution as a young lady. It’s been wonderful to watch her grow and develop,” Kai’s dad says, explaining that while she was shy at first, she has now bloomed into a little professional. 

“My dad is my biggest role model because he taught me how to cook. My mom is too because she teaches me how to run the business. She is my mom-ager,” Kai says.

While you can currently find the healthy and tasty treats online and at local farmers markets, Kai has a dream that one day her products will be available in grocery stores such as H-E-B.

Kai wants everyone to know that “you are never too young or old to follow your dreams or passion.” 

We wanted to know what the young business woman always keeps by her side—also known as her Texas Essentials.

Young baker and entrepreneur Kai Walker needs a few items to keep her going strong throughout the day such as her iPhone, a hair tie, water, lotion and hand sanitizer. Photo Kai Walker


Necessary for a business woman to have handy for those important calls.

A Hair Tie

Should be on every baker’s essential list.


Staying hydrated while in the kitchen is very important; it can get hot!


Preferably “Hello Beautiful” from Bath & Body Works.

Hand Sanitizer 

Especially in these times of COVID-19, but always before baking, it is good to have hand sanitizer near!

Kai has been featured on local Houston news shows such as the Morning Dose, where she showed Houston how to make her keto-friendly buckeyes. Now head to Kai’s Kookies online shop to support this amazing family’s business! 

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Cover photo courtesy Kai’s Kookies

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