#TXBites: The Fluffiest Cream Puffs at Beard Papa’s

by Gracie Watt on May 26, 2021 in Food+Drink, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston,

You’ve never had dessert quite like the cream puffs at Beard Papa’s.

Taking a bite into one of these delectable dollops of deliciousness will transport you to a world of flavor. As the fluffy shell meets the delicious filling it simply melts in your mouth. 

At their recent opening in Austin’s Domain (they’re right by the IPIC Theatre), Beard Papa’s had a line of over 300 people. Everyone was ready to get some of the famous cream puffs that originated in Japan and have finally made their way to the ATX.

Since 1999, Beard Papa’s has been baking the ‘world’s best cream puffs.’ Beginning in Japan, they have now expanded to over 400 stores in 15 countries and territories. Courtesy photo

Who is Beard Papa?

Not only did customers get some of the most mouthwatering treats ever, but they also got to learn more about the history, as the origin story is written across the bright yellow interior of the building. 

According to the story on the wall, Beard Papa’s started in 1999 as a small bakery in Osaka, Japan and filled the town with sweet scents. (This was easy to identify with just by walking through the Austin location’s doors, which smelled so heavenly with the scent of fresh pastries baking. Back in Osaka, the townspeople loved the pastries and also the head baker, Yuji Hirota, who had the nickname “Beard Papa” because of his fluffy white beard. 

Beard Papa’s is committed to bringing customers a pastry that is super oishii! (delicious!) They have multiple flavor options, which vary based on location and popularity. Courtesy photo

Hirota set out on a mission to please the townspeople by making an original recipe for cream puffs that was just as fluffy and lovable as his beard. Today, his recipe is still used and continues to bring smiles to peoples’ faces all over the world.

How To Make a Cream Puff Famous Worldwide 

While the Domain is Beard Papa’s first Austin site, there are several in the Houston area, with the dessert destination set to officially open in Pearland, Texas on May 29th. The chain has over 400 stores worldwide, with most of their locations in Asia. In Japan, there is a Beard Papa’s at almost every train station. With their spread, the Beard Papa’s celebrity status also grows. (To date, they have 26,000 Instagram followers.)

It is no surprise that the puffs are so craved, as they are double-layered and filled with a perfect mixture of whipped cream and house-made vanilla custard cream. Using secret recipe dough shipped directly from headquarters in Japan, hard-at-work bakers conjure up new puffs in special ovens every 20 minutes. 

Experience a delicious explosion of flavor when you sink your teeth into one of Beard Papa’s range of flavors like these pictured; chocolate, oreo, original and more. Courtesy photo

What a Choice!

The owners of the Domain location, childhood friends Bobby Chen and Wilson Kwan, are hands-on and involved in the creation of the cream puffs, working on them diligently in the back of the house. The ‘puff masters’ are all in the front, baking the iconic cream puffs to perfection. 

The Chocolate and Oreo cream puff is perfect for first-timers, and was a personal favorite. Choosing your puff is a two-step process. First, choose your shell (honey, chocolate eclair, Oreo cookie crumble eclair, green tea eclair and more). Then, the filling. Options here include vanilla, green tea and chocolate. (Not in the cream puff mood? Beard Papa’s also has chocolate fondant cake and crème brûlée.)

While I was in the store, a keen customer passed on her pro tip for the best experience —  put the puffs in the fridge for an hour before eating them. I have to say though, it takes serious willpower to wait that long to eat these irresistible desserts. 

Other popular locations of Beard Papa’s are in California and New York, with several in the Houston area. Plans are also underway for a second Capitol City location. Courtesy photo

Beard Papa’s: 3220 Feathergrass Court, Unit 138, Austin, TX 78758 

Cover photo courtesy Beard Papa’s

Gracie Watt is the Editorial Intern at Texas Lifestyle Magazine and a junior at St. Edward’s University in Austin, studying Journalism. When she’s not writing, Watt enjoys singing, playing the guitar and doing volunteer work. @gracie.whatt