Add a Pop of Color to Your Summer at the Color Factory

by Emily Hord on June 28, 2023 in General,

The Texas heat can be brutal, but nobody wants to stay inside all summer. When you visit the Color Factory you get transformed into a new world where you forget you are still in Houston. 


Getting There

There are pops of color through every hallway of the Color Factory. Photo Emily Hord.

Located on the corner of Kirby and Richmond in Houston is where color comes to life. An easy drive from the suburbs of Katy and Sugar Land, but be sure to give yourself an extra 15 minutes before your appointment to account for Houston traffic. Parking is located across the street in a parking garage so guests will have to walk across to get into the building. 

Address: 3303 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

The Start of the Experience

Pop the confetti! Enjoy the yellow room and all it has to offer. Photo Emily Hord.

When you arrive at the Color Factory, you are greeted with a sweet treat before you start your experience (as well as many other sweet treats throughout your tour). You will get a QR code that you will take with you to each room – but do not lose it! This is what you will get all of your photos on at the end. While you can take photos on your own phone, the Color Factory has cameras located in rooms that they will take for you. This special QR code is designed by artist Hypno.

A Royal (Disco) Ball

A calming purple color takes over the silent disco room. Photo Emily Hord.

As you walk room to room (at your own pace) guests will find there is a room for everyone to enjoy. A stand-out room for guests who may have kids is the silent disco room. In here, you will put on headphones and listen to the music via those. For those who have never been to a silent-disco, it feels like you are actually there. This room is a beautiful tribute to Texas queens of music, such as Beyoncé Lizzo, The Chicks and Megan Thee Stallion!

Complementary Compliments

Sit across from your partner in the compliment room. Photo Emily Hord

Grab the person you came with and head into the compliment room. Here, you will sit across from your partner with a glass wall dividing you. You will listen to the instructions as you color details about the other person. This room shows that colors can have a deeper meaning, and is a chance to show one another you care for them. Remember what color you and your partner were sitting in – there is a surprise for you at the end!

Your Magic is Real

Make the magic come to life! Photo Emily Hord

Mixing science with color, this room only works when you are linked with your group. Grab one another’s hand and watch the sign in front of you light up. If you do not have a group do not worry, you will still be able to make the light show happen! There are two stands on each side of the platform that you have to hold in order for the magic to happen. This room is designed by artist Alicia Eggert!

Pro Tip: Remember that QR code? In this room, the camera is behind you so do not forget to turn around!

Feel Like a Kid Again

Look up to the sky in the ball pit! Photo Emily Hord

This room is hands down a fan favorite for everyone. Feel like a kid again in this gigantic ball pit! Get lost in the pit while you find the best place to take your photos. Just a hint – it is harder to walk in this than it looks, but so worth it! Before getting into the ball pit, guests must take their shoes off in order to not damage the pit. The camera for this exhibit is on the ceiling, so be sure to lay down and smile!

At the end of your color tour, guests will magically appear back in the lobby where they can view their photos, and have the opportunity to purchase prints of any they may like. This experience is fun for all ages, and the perfect way to beat the Texas heat this summer! 

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TLM Assistant Editor Emily Hord with her mother and sister.


Cover Photo courtesy Emily Hord

Emily Hord is the Assistant Editor of Texas Lifestyle Magazine and a native Texan. She graduated from Texas A&M University and in her free time, she enjoys going to see live music and spending time with her friends and family.