Dubrovnik, Croatia: A city fit for a queen

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Lying next to the Adriatic Sea within the beautiful country of Croatia is Dubrovnik. This picturesque and magical city will have you wanting to cancel your flight home. If you fly in during the day, you will be able to see through the water from the plane which will have you itching to land and get in the water. 

Royal Accommodations

You can follow Queen Elizabeth and many other celebrities’ footsteps and stay at Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik. This five-star hotel overlooks the Adriatic Sea and the historic Old Town, and it’s only a 10-minute walk to town. This former lavish villa turned modern and sophisticated hotel is a Mediterranean oasis. 

The Excelsior has much to do on property, with beach access, jacuzzis, a freshwater and indoor pool, fitness center, and a spa. The spa is “a haven of peace, pampering, and distraction-free relaxation.” With many treatment options, you will be able to fulfill your relaxation needs. There’s no way to go wrong with all of the options available, but the relaxing warm oil massage is a good choice. 

Enjoy your drink of choice as you relax in the sun, looking out at the many magnificent views. Photo Courtesy Adriatic Luxury Hotels.

Begin your luxury vacation like a real queen, being picked up at the airport by the transportation that The Excelsior can set up at an added fee. 

The Excelsior has many dining and drink options such as Salin, Sensus, Prora Restaurant, and Abakus Piano Bar. You can look out at the sea and Old Town with a sunset backdrop as you dine at Sensus, their fine dining restaurant. Sensus is known for their unconventional and modern interpretations of Mediterranean classics. All dishes can be paired with the finest Croatian wines; the culinary creations and the wine match the magnificence of the setting. 

Salin is where the complimentary breakfast fit for royalty is located, mimosas included. If the weather permits, enjoy your breakfast and coffee on the terrace, the only way to go to truly soak up the views Dubrovnik has to offer.  

The view from the Abakus Piano Bar where their Wall of Fame shows the many celebrities that have stayed at The Excelsior. Photo Courtesy Adriatic Luxury Hotels.

Adriatic Luxury Hotels has many locations throughout Dubrovnik, including Hotel Excelsior and Hotel Bellevue. Hotel Bellevue houses the contemporary fine dining restaurant, Vapor. This modern restaurant and terrace expels a nautical and sophisticated essence. One of their signature dishes is the John Dory, a coastal marine fish that is found in the Adriatic Sea, a great way to eat locally during your trip.The staff is also excellent at pairing the dishes with their extended wine offerings.

John Dory paired with Korta Katarina. Photo Courtesy Analise Flatt.

Explore Town like a Queen 

The best way to start your trip is with a tour of the city in order to learn the history and get a feel for the small but lively place. Local guide Marijeta Radić is very knowledgeable and does a great job of presenting the information in a fun and interesting way. She exhibited the essence of the small town spirit without even trying as we ran into several of her friends throughout the tour. The locals truly do a great job at making you feel at home. 

The Dubrovnik docks at night are spectacular. Photo Courtesy Analise Flatt.

Although Dubrovnik looks like it was built as a tourist destination or a movie set, it has a rich history. The tour gives you great insight into the past of Dubrovnik but there are also wonderful museums and galleries throughout the city. The Dubrovnik card is a great way to see all the sights. With the one-day pass you can get into 6 museums, 2 galleries, bus transportation for the day, and the city walls — an hour and a half walk along the fortress walls. There is also the option to get longer passes for 3 or 7 days. 

One of the many extraordinary views from the city walls. Photo Courtesy Analise Flatt.

When it comes to dining in Old Town, there are many scenic options. Lucin Kantun has indoor and outdoor seating in a quaint alleyway. They also serve traditional Croatian food such as black risotto, traditional pasta known as “Šporki Makaruli” and Creme Caramel. 

Another great option with a seaside view is Dubravka. If you are seeking a fun cocktail to enjoy while looking out at the sea, the Sunset and the Sweet and Green cocktails are both delicious and dazzling. Follow this up with the Burrata and the ravioli with truffles and prosciutto — the perfect pair of cold and hot starters. Something fun about this restaurant is that their menu has facts and information about the city throughout its pages. 

Cocktails, sunsets, and Adriatic sea views at Dubravka. Photo Courtesy Analise Flatt.

Many people visit countries in Europe such as Italy and Austria, but not many venture out into the extraordinary country of Croatia. Dubrovnik is a hidden gem and you will not regret making the quest to this royal paradise. 

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