Finger Knitting for Summer Fun!

by Elaine Krackau on July 6, 2015 in Entertainment, General, Lifestyle, Home, What I'm Reading,

When you have children, the dog days of summer bring countless trips to the pool, lots of ice cream and snow cones and a family vacation or two if you’re lucky. But with the kids home, it can also be filled with the phrase every parent dreads: “I’m bored.”

As we reach the halfway mark of summer, why not introduce a new hobby to your kids? I was given the opportunity to read a copy of Finger Knitting Fun: 28 Cute, Clever and Creative Projects for Kids by DIY Lifestyles expert and Austin-based mom, Vickie Howell, and a whole new world of crafting was born!

Finger knitting is so quick and simple, which makes it a perfect project for children. Learning how to knit with your fingers is the best way to start crafting without cumbersome needles!

Filled with 28 projects that only need the ends of your hands to work, this book is perfect for anyone looking for a quick crafting fix. Every project is literally hands on and taps into developing creativity and motor skills while having a lot of fun!bathFrom jewelry and wearable accessories to wall art, gifts and room decorations, Finger Knitting Fun includes illustrated, step-by-step instructions for 28 projects, which use yarn and other exciting materials such as paracord and leather.

My 8-year-old saw the book on my desk, grabbed it and within 2 minutes had found what he wanted to make. We made green “snuggly snakes” with red tongues. After some instruction from me, he really was able to do it himself. I was so pleased that my son, who fancies himself an artist, was able to learn a new craft so quickly, not to mention…it got his hands off the touchscreens for awhile.SnakePhoto

About the Author:

Vickie Howell is a knit, crochet, and craft evangelist and is most well-known as the Host and Creative Consultant of DIY Network & HGTV’s show “Knitty Gritty,” her best selling craft books and her accessible, inclusive approach to nurturing the creative community via print, video and social media. She knits with viewers nationwide as the Host and Co-Executive Producer of PBS’ “Knitting Daily TV” with Vickie Howell. Follow @VickieHowell for the up-to-date scoop on tutorials, projects, and events!VickiePortraitBy Elaine Krackau